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Almaty woman shot her kids and herself over husband's unfaithfulness 25 апреля 2011, 14:56

A woman from Almaty shot her kids and committed suicide after finding out that her husband had been cheating on her.
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Photo courtesy of kp.ru Photo courtesy of kp.ru
Corpses of a woman, 36, and her two kids were found in one of the houses in Almaty, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports. Police said that the woman shot her kids when they were still asleep. “Their bodies were in natural poses on a couch. The woman's corps was also on the couch stretched on top of the kids' bodies. A hunting gun was on the floor next to bodies. The gun was registered to the woman's husband,” Almaty Police Department reported. Police investigation showed that the woman shot her kids in their heads and committed suicide after that. She left a suicide note explaining the reasons. Her husband cheated on her and she got disappointed with the family life.

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