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KazMunayGas building in Astana. Photo courtesy of KazMunayGas National Oil and Gas Company obtains a syndicated loan worth $1 billion The agreement was signed July 15.
04 августа 2011
©RIA Novosti KazMunaiGas EP annual oil production output may fall 6% due to industrial action According to the Company, production output is currently 366 000 tons of oil behind the schedule.
28 июля 2011
Photo by RIA Novosti© H1 2011 KazMunaiGas EP oil production output 3% down The Company cited inclement weather conditions and protests at Ozenmunaigas as the main reasons behind the production drop.
07 июля 2011
KazMunaiGas building in Astana. Photo courtesy of KazMunaiGas National Oil and gas Company is not running a People’s IPO so far The Company owns too many strategic assets in Kazakhstan – gas and oil pipeline networks, stakes in oil refineries: Malik Salimgereev, Director for Oil and Gas Assets Management at Samruk-Kazyna.
17 июня 2011
Kairgeldy Kabyldin KazMunaiGas to boost financing of innovation projects 100 times by 2015 Currently we spend about $0.68 million on R&D. We plan to increase the figure almost 100 times by 2015: Company’s Head Kairgeldy Kabyldin.
16 июня 2011
©KazMunaiGaz KazMunaiGas purchased Aktaunefteservis for $334 million KazMunaiGas National Oil Company purchased 100% stake in Aktaunefteservis.
13 июня 2011
ONGC workers. ©REUTERS/Amit Dave Indians planning to buy ExxonMobil's stake in Kashagan project Oil & Natural Gas Corp and GAIL India Ltd. are planning to buy part of ExxonMobil's stake in the project developing Kashagan oil field.
09 июня 2011
Kairgeldy Kabyldin KazMunaiGas Chairman of the Board Kairgeldy Kabyldin reports to President Nazarbayev on the Company’s progress He also briefed the President on the Company’s plans for the year and prospects of development up to 2020.
02 июня 2011
©RIA Novosti KazMunaiGas may transfer its share in Kashagan to KazMunaiGas EP KazMunaiGas national Oil Company does not rule out transferring its share in Kashagan to its subsidiary KazMunaiGas EP, KMG President Kairgeldy Kabyldin said in Almaty May 26.
26 мая 2011
KazMunaiGas building in Astana. Photo courtesy of KazMunaiGas to bring Kazakh content in procurement to KZT 387 billion KazMunaiGas National Oil Company is planning to bring Kazakh content in procurement to 387 billion tenge.
23 мая 2011
KazMunaiGas National Oil Company Q1 2011 results Oil and condensed gas production for the period made up 5.4 million tons, 2% up against the same period of 2010.
12 мая 2011
©RIA Novosti KazMunaiGas EP exiting negotiations over Akkas gas field in Iraq KazMunaiGas Exploration Production was established in March 2004 and is among the top three oil producers in Kazakhstan.
11 мая 2011
©RIA Novosti  Q1 2011 KazMunaiGas Exploration Production net profit 14% up against 2010 The growth was mostly spurred by 33% oil sales price growth (from $64.64 to $86.61 per barrel).
10 мая 2011
Wages of KazMunaiGas top managers unveiled Top managers of national oil and gas company KazMunaiGas have revealed their salaries and bonuses.
10 мая 2011

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