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Japanese monks karate chop, chant in funeral contest Japanese Buddhist monks strutted their stuff in a contest highlighting sutra chanting skills, giving funeral sermons and loud karate chops.
09 декабря 2015
Karateka Khrupovets brings final medal to Kazakhstan at Asian Games Karateka Yekaterina Khrupovets has brought the last medal to Kazakhstan at the Asian Games in South Korean Incheon.
06 октября 2014
Kazakhstani karate team wins gold, silver and bronze in Incheon Kazakhstani karateka Khalid Khalidov won a bronze medal at the Asian Games in Incheon
06 октября 2014
Baurzhan Kumiskaliyev. Photo courtesy of Karate: Atyrau karateka won Kyokushin Karate World Cup in Japan About 800 karateka from 17 countries participated in the Grand Prix series of kyokushin kaikan in Tokyo, Japan.
24 марта 2013
Arman Moldanyazov (L). Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Karate Center Kazakhstan karateka became champion of Europe It is for the first time European J.K.S. Karate Championships has a Kazakhstan champion.
09 октября 2012
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