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28.03.2016 14:45 Companies
Qatar's state-funded broadcaster Al-Jazeera announced a fresh round of job cuts with around 500 positions being lost.
23.02.2016 14:47 Companies
The bosses of more than a third of Britain's top companies urged voters to keep the country in the European Union.
27.08.2015 18:39 Politics
Kazakhstan is increasing the salary of teachers from January 1, 2016.
22.07.2015 19:06 People
Having worked at Barclays for half a year, a programmer from Kazakhstan Askhat Murzabayev earned a little over $2 million and donated the money to the International Cancer Research Center.
16.02.2015 16:57 Markets
China is the source of the largest portion of migrant workers in Kazakhstan.
13.02.2015 01:30 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has declared it is time for domestic enterprises to search for new markets to sell their products instead of Russia.
16.05.2014 18:23 Companies
ArcelorMittal Temirtau plans to dismiss almost one thousand Kazakhstan workers in 2014.
30.09.2013 18:18 Markets
Britons who are out of work for several years will be required to work full-time on community projects to receive state unemployment payments.
12.09.2013 17:50 Markets
International Paper said Wednesday it would close an Alabama plant amid falling paper demand as US consumers switch to online alternatives.
11.07.2013 13:34 Markets
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Thursday said the China resources boom was over, leaving the economy at a crossroads, as he called for a new productivity pact to boost competitiveness.
29.06.2013 10:04 Finance
European leaders on Friday agreed to deploy 8.0 billion euros ($10.4 billion) to help create jobs for young people at a summit that also backed a tentative deal on the EU's next trillion-euro budget, despite simmering doubts.
20.04.2013 14:20 Finance
The Group of 20 economic powers pledged "ambitious" steps Friday to spur growth and job creation to get the crisis-scarred global economy back on track.
09.04.2013 10:01 Companies
Car manufacturer GM Holden announced Monday 500 jobs will be axed from plants in Australia, blaming the strength of the local dollar for squeezing sales.
04.04.2013 11:33 Companies
Global energy giant Shell announced Thursday it was selling its last remaining Australian refinery to focus on more sizeable assets abroad, a move that threatens 470 jobs.
25.03.2013 16:52 Companies
Dutch post and courier company TNT Express said Monday it would shed around 4,000 jobs over the next three years as it restructures after US rival UPS' takeover bid failed in January.
20.01.2013 16:16 Auto
Brazilian auto workers on Friday failed to talk General Motors out of cutting 1,598 jobs as the two sides agreed to meet again next week.
01.11.2012 10:50 Markets
The dollar and euro climbed against the yen in Asia on Thursday as positive Chinese manufacturing data boosted risk sentiment, while traders were also looking ahead to a crucial US jobs report.
12.10.2012 15:22 People
There are now 30 million more people without jobs around the world than before the global financial crisis began, the head of the International Labour Organization said.
06.10.2012 16:19 Politics
A relieved Barack Obama basked Saturday in shock good news as unemployment dipped below eight percent to the lowest point of his presidency, stealing headlines from Mitt Romney's thumping debate win.
15.09.2012 10:30 Health
Workers who suffer job strain are 23-percent more likely to have a heart attack than stress-free counterparts, but the risk is far smaller than smoking or a sedentary lifestyle.
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