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16.08.2016 16:36 Unrest
Russian warplanes on Tuesday flew a bombing run from an Iranian airstrip against jihadist groups in war-torn Syria.
04.05.2016 15:50 Unrest
Economic concerns and the desire for a sense of purpose and revenge are the major factors pushing young Syrians into the arms of jihadist groups, a study released on Wednesday found.
10.03.2016 15:19 Military
Tens of thousands of documents containing the names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts of jihadis who joined the Islamic State group have been given to the UK's Sky News.
26.11.2015 15:13 Politics
French President Francois Hollande will hold talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as part of his diplomatic marathon to forge a broader coalition against Islamic State jihadists in the wake of the Paris attacks.
26.11.2015 10:41 Politics
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada was reviewing its role in the fight against Islamic State jihadists, during a visit to London in which he also bantered with Queen Elizabeth II.
13.11.2015 17:16 Crime
From a quiet, football loving child to an Islamic State executioner, the man who became one of the most haunting figures of the jihadist movement remains a mystery even after being the high-profile target of a US air strike.
02.07.2015 12:33 Politics
The head of the UN cultural organisation called for a campaign against the "culture cleansing" being carried out by Islamic State jihadists.
16.06.2015 12:42 Politics
French President Francois Hollande arrived in Algeria for a visit aimed at tackling the "common battle" of the once bitter foes against jihadists from Mali to Libya.
22.05.2015 10:34 Military
US President Barack Obama has described the loss of key Iraqi territory to Islamic State as a tactical setback, while insisting the war against the jihadist group is not being lost.
24.01.2015 13:34 Military
Visiting NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned authorities in mainly Muslim Kosovo of the danger posed by foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq.
23.12.2014 13:40 Unrest
Professor at the University of Sofia and an expert in the field of counter-terrorism Tatiana Dronzina says that one of the fighters in the video of mass execution of Iraqi soldiers is a Kazakhstani national. She believes the problem has acquired such proportions, it is important to conduct targeted information campaigns showing truthfully the crimes of the organization, thereby stripping it of any possible connections to heroism and martyrdom they use for promotion of their lifestyles.
01.10.2014 11:03 Military
The Turkish government said it has asked parliament to authorise military action in Iraq and Syria to halt the advance of Islamic State (IS) jihadists.
30.09.2014 11:52 Military
Turkey deployed tanks and armoured vehicles to reinforce its border with Syria amid escalating violence by the Islamic State group.
29.09.2014 14:38 Politics
Turkey cannot stay out of the international coalition fighting Islamic State jihadists, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.
29.09.2014 12:49 Religion
A controversial Buddhist cleric from Myanmar announced he is linking up with hardline monks in Sri Lanka.
25.09.2014 12:13 Politics
The United States issued financial sanctions against 11 individuals and a foreign entity it designated as "global terrorists".
18.09.2014 13:00 Politics
Barack Obama and US lawmakers ratcheted up the pressure on the IS, the president declaring there was no hiding place for the jihadists.
15.09.2014 14:34 Military
Francois Hollande said there was "no time to lose" in fighting jihadists in Iraq and called for a total backing for moderate rebels in Syria.
11.09.2014 12:51 Politics
Lebanon's Foreign Minister urged the international community to present a "common front" against Islamic State.
09.09.2014 20:08 Politics
A Russian Military official has claimed the territories of Central Asian countries may be used by terrorists, such as those part of the Islamic State, to transport weapons of mass destruction.
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