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Kazakh man among Islamic State executioners 23 декабря 2014, 13:40

Professor at the University of Sofia and an expert in the field of counter-terrorism Tatiana Dronzina says that one of the fighters in the video of mass execution of Iraqi soldiers is a Kazakhstani national. She believes the problem has acquired such proportions, it is important to conduct targeted information campaigns showing truthfully the crimes of the organization, thereby stripping it of any possible connections to heroism and martyrdom they use for promotion of their lifestyles.
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One of the Islamic State executioners identified as a Kazakhstani. From Tatiana Dronzina's presentation One of the Islamic State executioners identified as a Kazakhstani. From Tatiana Dronzina's presentation

A Kazakhstani was spotted among the jihadists who committed the recent public execution of Iraqi soldiers and officers under the banner of the Islamic State, Tengrinews reports citing Tatiana Dronzina, Professor at the University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and expert in the field of counter-terrorism.

Speaking at a conference in Kazakhstan's Astana devoted to countering extremism and terrorism, the Member of the International Association for the Study of Terrorism Tatiana Dronzina referred to the video of mass execution that started circulating throughout social networks on November 15. It showed 22 Iraqi soldier and officers being beheaded. Among the executioners, she said, was a citizen of Kazakhstan.

"There were 22 jihadists as executioners; one of them was a Kazakhstani (...). He has been identified," she said and showed his photo. A British jihadist going by the name of “John” was also among the executioners.

The man from Kazakhstan was identified only visually. His name is yet unknown. There is information that he came to Syria in 2013.

"This was discussed in the anti-terrorist networks. I have not seen the Kazakh reaction, but one way or another, this fact has been known for a month, it has been a month since video was published," she added.

Earlier, Chairman of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Nurtai Abykayev said that more than 300 Kazakhstanis were fighting in the ranks of the militants of the terrorist group Islamic State. Half of them were women. The Kazakhs fighting for the Islamic State made up a so-called "Kazakh zhamagat."

Kazakhstan intelligence services are concerned that extremist recruiters arrive to post-soviet countries, including Kazakhstan, and instill radical views in young people. In addition, there were cases of self-radicalization of youth under the influence of the materials published on the Internet.

"Maybe it is time to stop writing Kazakh jihadists in quotes?" Dronzina said.

She believes that Kazakhstan needs to talk more about the "Islamic state" and specifically focus on it being a criminal organization responsible for the deaths of 200,000 people, for turning 11 million people into internal and external refugees and for driving thousands of women into sexual slavery.

"All of this needs to be written about, not just vaguely talked about. It is necessary to show that these supposedly heroic fighters are in fact just criminals," she said.

Citizens of Kazakhstan participating in armed conflicts abroad face criminal responsibility back at home. But many going to fight in Syria probably do not intend on returning.

Reporting by Renat Tashkinbayev, writing by Dinara Urazova

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