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Toyota raises full-year profit forecast to record $18 bn Toyota raised its earnings forecast for the year to March, saying it expects to book a record $18.1 billion annual net profit thanks to a weak yen and cost cuts.
04 февраля 2015
UN council condemns 'heinous' Japanese hostage murder The UN Security Council condemned the "heinous and cowardly" murder of a Japanese journalist, after Islamic State militants claimed his beheading.
02 февраля 2015
Sabina Altynbekova. Photo © Indonesia wants Sabina Altynbekova of Kazakhstan to help revive women's volleyball A Kazakhstani volley ball player famous in Asia for hear kawaii appearance Sabina Altynbekova will be invited by the Indonesian Volleyball Federation to help revive women’s volleyball.
31 января 2015
Toyota says to return to World Rally Championship in 2017 Toyota said it would come back to the World Rally Championship in 2017, nearly two decades after the Japanese auto giant withdrew from the motor sports event.
30 января 2015
Honda cuts profit forecast as airbag recall weighs heavy Honda cut its full-year net profit forecast as the Japanese automaker faces soaring recall costs.
30 января 2015
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan in talks with Toshiba to construct its first nuclear power plant According to Russia’s Kommersant, yesterday Chairman of the Board and Director Masashi Muromachi officially confirmed the talks with Kazakhstan.
23 января 2015
Japan marks 20th anniversary of killer quake in Kobe Japan marked the 20th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake that killed more than 6,400 people.
17 января 2015
Japan's Abe leaves for Mideast tour to pledge support for peace Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe left Tokyo for a six-day tour of the Middle East, pledging to play a role in regional stability.
16 января 2015
Picture perfect Sabina Altynbekova. Photo © Sabina Altynbekova invited to Japan's Volleybal Championship The V-league organizing the Volleyball Championship has invited Sabina Altynbekova, a famous kawaii from Kazakhstan, to Japan.
13 января 2015
Woman finds 'dental material' in Japan McDonald's burger A Japanese woman has claimed she discovered fragments identified as "dental material" in a McDonald's hamburger, the company said.
09 января 2015
Toyota to give away fuel-cell patents to boost industry Toyota will give away thousands of patents for its fuel-cell cars, it said Tuesday, in an effort to encourage other automakers into the new industry.
06 января 2015
Japan plans law to speed up overseas deployment of troops Japan plans to draw up a law to speed the deployment of troops overseas for peacekeeping operations and to support alliesю
28 декабря 2014
©REUTERS McDonald's putting big-sized fries back on the menu in Japan McDonald's said that an emergency airlift has eased a french fries shortage in Japan which forced the chain to ration the crispy treat at more than 3,000 restaurants.
26 декабря 2014
©REUTERS Top Japan lab dismisses ground-breaking stem cell study Japan's top research institute hammered the final nail in the coffin of what was once billed as a ground-breaking stem cell study.
26 декабря 2014
Japan PM set for re-election after 'Abenomics' poll win Japanese Prime Minister is set to resume office with a broadly similar cabinet tasked with re-igniting the world's number three economy following his election triumph.
24 декабря 2014
Up to 11 dead in Japan snow storms: reports Up to 11 people are now reported to have died in a winter snow storm gripping much of Japan, as forecasters warned bad weather would continue.
19 декабря 2014
Japan PM presses for wage rises after 'Abenomics' poll win Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stepped up pressure on business leaders to hike wages as he embarked on a renewed push to reinvigorate Japan's economy.
16 декабря 2014
US congratulates Japan's Abe on re-election The United States welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's easy re-election victor in snap polls, hailing his "strong leadership" on international crises
15 декабря 2014
China's Xi says Nanjing Massacre undeniable on 77th anniversary President Xi Jinping said that no one can deny the Nanjing Massacre, as China for the first time held a national day of remembrance for the Japanese military rampage.
13 декабря 2014
Japan voters ready unenthusiastic yes to PM Abe Japan will hold a general election this weekend that looks likely to return Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to power.
12 декабря 2014

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