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08.06.2013 13:10 Cinema, Music
Two members of the Russian feminist punk-rock band Pussy Riot on Friday urged the United States to help free their bandmates jailed last year for an anti-government protest performance.
09.04.2013 19:06 Military
Kazakhstan Prosecutor General Askhat Daulbayev met with German ambassador to Kazakhstan Guido Herz.
02.04.2013 14:36 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan plans to start using electronic bracelets in 2014.
27.03.2013 11:37 Crime
Five people were jailed for more than 20 years in Britain on Monday for pretending to make a Hollywood blockbuster to secure millions of pounds in tax breaks from the government.
27.03.2013 10:01 Crime
Japanese prosecutors sought a five-year jail term Tuesday for the former head of Olympus for his involvement in a $1.7 billion loss cover-up scandal that hammered Japan's corporate governance image.
26.03.2013 16:16 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry vowed in Kabul to stick by Afghanistan as President Hamid Karzai, after a series of fiery outbursts, hailed a "good day" for ties with the handover of a military jail.
26.03.2013 09:58 Military
Afghanistan is set Monday to take full control of Bagram military jail from the United States, drawing a line under one running sore in their relationship as US-led forces wind down more than a decade of war.
11.03.2013 11:21 Crime
The main accused in the fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in New Delhi last December hanged himself in jail Monday while in solitary confinement, prompting outrage from the victim's family.
24.02.2013 15:04 Politics
Taiwan's former president Chen Shui-bian, jailed for corruption in 2009, has had his prison term extended by 18 months to 20 years due to a further bribery conviction.
09.01.2013 10:01 Politics
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said he will urge US President Barack Obama to free the blind sheikh jailed for the 1993 World Trade Center attack.
05.01.2013 10:23 Unrest
Australians who take part in the fighting in Syria face up to 20 years in jail, a spokesman for Foreign Minister Bob Carr said Friday after a Melbourne man was reportedly killed in the conflict.
25.12.2012 12:15 Politics
Ali Akbar Javanfekr, a senior aide to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, returned to jail on Monday after a four-day parole during which he underwent medical treatment.
29.11.2012 11:56 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan National Security Commission is thinking of a more efficient way of jailing convicted terrorists so that they do not spread their ideas among other prisoners.
26.09.2012 11:52 Crime
The US voiced concern Monday at the jailing of three Vietnamese bloggers for "anti-state propaganda" and urged that they be freed.
25.09.2012 15:54 Crime
A court in southern Vietnam jailed three bloggers Monday for "anti-state propaganda" at a brief but dramatic hearing, prompting calls from the United States and EU for their immediate release.
29.08.2012 12:10 Strange News
An Australian woman who admitted killing her ex-lover and attempting to hack off his penis was jailed for three years and nine months Wednesday, with a court accepting she was suffering depression.
25.08.2012 11:26 Crime
A New Zealand man who fled to China after a bank mistakenly deposited millions of dollars into his account was jailed for four years and seven months Friday.
08.08.2012 18:41 Crime
An Iranian woman, jailed by the United States for attempting to export military equipment to Tehran, has been freed and arrived in Oman on Tuesday.
12.07.2012 17:14 Crime
Thailand on Wednesday said a Thai-born US citizen jailed for insulting the kingdom's revered monarch had been granted a royal pardon, in a move welcomed by the US.
27.04.2012 16:28 Education
A tour to jails has been organized for at-risk teenagers in Aktau.
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