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AIDS cure may have two main pathways: experts Investigators are looking into two main paths toward a cure for AIDS, based on the stunning stories of a small group of people around the world who have been able to overcome the disease.
26 июля 2012
Police struggle to identify Bulgaria suicide bomber Bulgarian police, the FBI and Interpol are struggling to identify a suicide bomber who killed six people, including five Israelis, as the US said the attack bore the "hallmarks" of Hezbollah.
21 июля 2012
Bulgaria releases video of bomber in attack on Israelis Bulgarian authorities have released a video of the suspected suicide bomber behind a deadly attack on Israeli tourists that Israel has blamed on Iran.
20 июля 2012
Efraim Zuroff, director of the Jewish Simon Wiesenthal Center. Photo courtesy of Hungary shown 'new evidence on No 1 Nazi suspect' The Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre confirmed Sunday that Laszlo Csatary, accused of complicity in the killings of 15,700 Jews, had been tracked down to the Hungarian capital.
16 июля 2012
Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. ©REUTERS/Pat Little Penn State ignored child sex allegations: probe Top officials at Penn State University showed "total and consistent disregard" for the well-being of the young victims of a pedophilia scandal.
14 июля 2012
©REUTERS/Handout France issues final report on mid-Atlantic air crash French investigators will release on Thursday a final report into what caused the mid-Atlantic crash of a Rio to Paris Air France flight that killed 228 people in 2009.
06 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Police find 'Canadian Psycho' victim's head Canadian police confirmed Wednesday that a head found in a Montreal park does belong to the Chinese student victim in the "Canadian Psycho" murder and dismemberment case.
05 июля 2012
Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Independent public commission to monitor investigation of Arkankergen tragedy An independent public commission will be created for assistance to the objective investigation of the deadly accident at Arkankergen border post.
14 июня 2012
FBI could not join investigation of Zhanaozen clashes FBI expert could not take part in the investigation of Zhanaozen clashes.
08 февраля 2012
Photo by Maksim Popov© Five Zhanaozen policemen under house arrest Five police officers brought to criminal responsibility for excess of power during Zhanaozen clashes are under house arrest.
06 февраля 2012
Zhanaozen. stock photo General Prosecution gave names of organizers of Zhanaozen clashes Kazakhstan General Prosecution named six identified organizers of Zhanaozen clashes.
26 января 2012
Photo by Maksim Popov© Three police officers brought to criminal liability for use of firearms in Zhanaozen Three police officers have been brought to criminal liability for the use of firearms in Zhanaozen.
26 января 2012
Zhanaozen after clashes. stock photo Former and acting Zhanaozen Akims were stealing money: Prosecutor Former and acting Akims of Zhanaozen were stealing money intended for the town development.
26 января 2012
Photo by  Olga Yaroslavskaya© Kazakhstan is interested in objective investigation of Zhanaozen clashes The investigation will be very detailed, objective and as transparent as possible: Advisor to President.
28 декабря 2011
Weapons seized by police Police investigating all versions of Zhanaozen clashes We will investigate all versions, including the version about foreign organizers: Governor.
27 декабря 2011
Photo by Danial Okassov© Police in search for makers of Zhanaozen videos The police is searching for the makers of the video of Zhanaozen clashes.
27 декабря 2011
Amanzhol Kabylov. Photo by Maksim Popov© Three internal investigations initiated against Zhanaozen policemen Authorities are investigating the fact of misuse of power by policemen and violation of the military discipline.
26 декабря 2011
RPG-26 grenade launcher. Photo courtesy of Police found seller of grenade launcher to Taraz jihadist A person who sold the grenade launcher to Taraz jihadist has been identified.
23 ноября 2011
REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi© Kazakh diplomat Tolmachev charged with hijacking The first pretrial investigation hearing on Valeriy Tolmachev took place on April 26 in Civitavecchia, Italy. The hearing presided by Italian pretrial judge was also attended by prosecutor and Tolmachev’s attorney Ivana Manni.
27 апреля 2011
Photo courtesy of Unarmed Kazakh shot dead by US police officer A young cook from Kazakhstan identified by friends as Kirill Suchin was shot dead in Portsmouth, Virginia, for banging on the door. The officer is being investigated.
26 апреля 2011

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