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Talgat Kazangap New Chairman of Kazakhstan's Communication, IT Penetration and Information Committee appointed The new Chairman of the Committee for Communication, IT Penetration and Information has been appointed in Kazakhstan.
15 июля 2015
Photo courtesy of Right to be forgotten discussed in Kazakhstan's Majilis The so-called 'right to be forgotten', which allows individuals to have information, videos or photographs that infringe on their privacy deleted from Internet records, was discussed by Kazakhstan's Majilis.
27 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of $1.5 million database for orphans and potential parents: Dealing with corruption in orphanages Prosecutor General's Office suggests a database as a solution for adoption related issues and crimes.
09 марта 2015
Photo courtesy Kazakh Senate passes anti-gay draft law Kazakhstan's Senate has approved a draft law protecting children from harmful information. One of its provisions bans 'promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation'.
23 февраля 2015
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to construct underwater segment of TASIM Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have reached an agreement to construct the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) underwater segment.
20 января 2015
Political analyst Dosym Satpayev. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Press-club Kazakhstan's information security is feeble: expert Kazakh political analyst Dosym Satpayev called information security of Kazakhstan weak and stressed that this could lead to a strongly divided society as was exemplified by the situation in Ukraine.
25 ноября 2014
Kazakhstan team that participated in  11th ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2012 in Hong Kong among Asia Pacific countries ©Vladimir Prokopenko Futuristic future demands reforms in Kazakhstan education: Astana Mayor Kazakh Minister of Eduation and Science and the mayor of Astana said education in Kazakhstan required deep reforms due to increasing penetration of technological innovation into every aspect of the modern life.
07 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to deepen energy and nuclear security cooperation with US Kazakhstan and the USA agreed to deepen cooperation in energy and nuclear safety.
29 июня 2014
Yoo Byung-eun whose two sons own Chonghaejin Marine Co. the company to which the Sewol ferry belonged. Photo courtesy of Reward for S. Korea ferry owner upped to $500,000 Under-pressure South Korean prosecutors on Monday upped to $500,000 a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a fugitive businessman in connection with last month's ferry disaster.
26 мая 2014
Mirbolat Ayupov. ©Turar Kazangapov Internet penetration at 70% in Kazakhstan: ASTEX-2014 in Astana Astana is hosting the international conference and exhibition ASTEX-2014 on May 19-20, 2014.
20 мая 2014
©National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Interior Ministry explains origin of blank passports seized from Chinese at border The Interior Ministry of Kazakhstan denies that the blank Kazakhstan passports seizing from two Chinese nationals was obtained illegally.
19 марта 2014
People ready to confess anything for $500,000: Kaspi Bank Kaspi bank has received more than 1000 calls from people hoping to get the $500,000 bounty.
24 февраля 2014
Photo by Marat Abilov© Kazakhstan to provide shortest optic route to Europe for China Considering the growing demand for telecommunication channels between Asia and Europe, Kazakhstan is ready to provide the shortest route for information flows: Nazarbayev.
09 сентября 2013
©REUTERS Yahoo Japan suspects 22 million IDs stolen Yahoo Japan Corp. has said it suspects up to 22 million user IDs may have been stolen during an unauthorised attempt to access the administrative system of its Yahoo! Japan portal.
19 мая 2013
©REUTERS Million dollar reward for alleged US cop 'terrorist' Los Angeles on Sunday announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the capture of an ex-cop accused of "domestic terrorism" in a murder spree that has claimed three lives.
11 февраля 2013
Altai Abibullayev. Photo courtesy of Altai Abibullayev appointed official representative of Central Communications Service The Service was established to ensure greater transparency of the activities of Kazakhstan's state authorities and raise people's awareness of the country leaders' work.
11 декабря 2012
Journalist Anderson Cooper. ©REUTERS/Danny Moloshok CNN hits back in row over using slain US envoy's diary CNN on Monday hit back at accusations by a top US State Department official that it had engaged in "distasteful" reporting by using the contents of a diary belonging to slain US ambassador to Libya.
25 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of German region to buy more Swiss tax cheat data The German region of North Rhine-Westphalia will continue to buy data on people suspected of stashing assets in Swiss banks to avoid taxes, the state premier was quoted as saying on Sunday.
21 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Endangered languages get a Google protection plan Google on Tuesday unveiled an online information exchange platform to try to give some extra lasting power to more than 3,000 endangered languages.
18 июля 2012
Photo courtesy of Majority of Kazakhstan citizens trust TV more than printed media Demoscope Bureau of Express-Monitoring of Public Opinion has polled Kazakhstan citizens on the most trusted information sources.
17 июля 2012

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