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Australia rules out swathe of ocean as MH370 crash zone Australia on Thursday ruled out a large swathe of Indian Ocean as Flight MH370's final resting place after a lengthy underwater hunt, as a US Navy official queried whether the missing plane ever went there.
29 мая 2014
Planes, ships deployed to investigate Chinese signal Planes and ships were being diverted Sunday to the area where a Chinese vessel detected signals consistent with a black box beacon in the hunt for missing flight MH370, the search chief said.
06 апреля 2014
Malaysia plane search intensifies on new debris data Aircraft from several nations swarmed over the southern Indian Ocean Monday as the search for a missing Malaysian passenger plane was energised with mounting evidence of floating objects suspected to be linked to the plane.
24 марта 2014
Two objects spotted possibly related to MH370: Australia Two objects possibly related to the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 have been sighted, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday in a potential breakthrough.
20 марта 2014
New US lead thrusts Malaysia jet search into Indian Ocean The needle-in-a-haystack hunt for a missing Malaysian airliner spread to the vast Indian Ocean Friday after the White House cited "new information" that it might have flown for hours after vanishing nearly seven days ago.
14 марта 2014
©Reuters/Andrea Comas For sharks, old age may be 70 or more: study Great white sharks may live until their 70s, more than three times as long as previously thought, according to a new analysis of the marine predator's backbones out Wednesday.
14 января 2014
One dead as cyclone skims France's Reunion island One person died and 15 were injured after a cyclone packing winds of 150 kilometres (95 miles) an hour brushed by the French Indian Ocean island of Reunion, officials said Friday.
03 января 2014
France to allow armed guards on ships to ward off pirates: PM France will authorise the deployment of armed guards on ships as part of anti-piracy measures, a move long sought by shipping companies, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in an interview published Tuesday.
04 декабря 2013
Chinese tourists, diplomats make a splash in the Maldives The travellers pouring off flight LV199 from Shanghai into the international airport of the Maldives, many dressed in designer labels, are an unmissable sign of China's interest in the far-flung archipelago.
29 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/David Loh Indian Ocean paradise island beset by shark controversy The dangers of shark attacks are no secret for Georges, who as a kid was repeatedly warned to beware of the large predators lurking in the tropical waters off his native Reunion island.
29 августа 2013
©REUTERS New quest to study 'living fossil' coelacanth French and South African biologists will dive to deep-sea caves in the Indian Ocean next month in a bid to locate the coelacanth, the "living fossil" fish whose history predates the dinosaurs.
30 марта 2013
Aldabra giant tortoises. ©REUTERS/Michael Kooren Coral atoll where giant tortoises outnumber man 10,000:1 It is perhaps not surprising that there are only a handful of humans on one of the most remote islands on Earth, coral atolls far out in the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean.
26 марта 2013
Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew. Photo ©Maulen Namazbekov Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew plans to complete their circumnavigation before summer The yacht has reached the Malaysian port city Dixon and is waiting on Langkawi island (Malaysia) for a technical check-up.
01 марта 2012
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