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Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew plans to complete their circumnavigation before summer 01 марта 2012, 12:27

The yacht has reached the Malaysian port city Dixon and is waiting on Langkawi island (Malaysia) for a technical check-up.
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Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew. Photo ©Maulen Namazbekov Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew. Photo ©Maulen Namazbekov
Chokan Valikhanov yacht crew plans to complete the their circumnavigation before the start of the summer, Tengrinews.kz reports with a reference to the organizers of the round-the-world travel. Chokan Valikhanov yacht has reached the Malaysian port city Dixon and at the moment is on Langkawi island (Malaysia), waiting for its turn to go through a technical check and get ready for crossing the Indian Ocean. The crew plans to complete their round-the-world voyage by the end of the spring. The ship has already covered 12 thousand miles (half of the equator). To welcome the crew two receptions were held - on behalf of the embassy of Kazakhstan in Malaysia and the project sponsors: KAZENERGY Association, JSC MangistauMunaiGaz (oil and gas company), and JSC Kazakhinstrakh (insurance company). “The key thing is that we, travelers with the Kazakh flag, are greeted well in all countries we pass through. The team works consistently and neatly. We move towards the closing stage of the circumnavigation with confidence,” captain Alexander Lavrinov said at the press conference. In turn the Central Asian Geographic Society promised to put all organizational and other efforts in completing the round-the-world travel. “We are in touch with the yacht crew on a daily basis,” the society president Kanat Uskenov answered. It is worth mentioning that at the press conference there was an official award ceremony of the team captain Alexander Lavrinov with the 20 years of Kazakhstan independence anniversary medal for the contribution in the statesmanship development and strengthening of sovereignty. “This medal is the merit of the entire team,” captain Alexander Lavrinov said. From Langkawi, where the ship undergoes the technical maintenance, the expedition is headed to Phuket (Thailand), then to Sri lanka and India. The crew plans to finish in Abu-Dhabi (UAE) port. Chokan Valikhanov yacht with the gross tonnage of 10.5 tons and worth 600 000 Euro was built by a French ship builder in La Rochelle in spring 2007 and launched in Pin Rolland port, where it came from to Aktau port. The length of the ship is 14.39 meters and the width is 4.25 meters; it has 10 sleeping places.
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