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Immune system link to Alzheimer's disease: US study The immune system may play a part in Alzheimer's disease, US researchers have discovered.
15 апреля 2015
Immunotherapy is new revolution in cancer fight Immunotherapy has made great strides against cancers like melanoma that were once believed incurable, though scientists still do not understand why it works well in some cases but not others.
04 июня 2014
©Reuters/Mariana Bazo Flu vaccine more effective for women than men: study The flu vaccine is generally less effective for men than for women, scientists said in a study Monday, tracing the effect to higher levels of testosterone that curb the immune response.
24 декабря 2013
Maximilien de Robespierre. Photo courtesy of French Revolution's 'monster' gets modern diagnosis Depending on what you read, Maximilien de Robespierre was a defender of the poor and downtrodden -- "the Incorruptible" who defended the values of the French Revolution to the end.
21 декабря 2013
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