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The old town ©Vladimir Prokopenko Kazakhstan expedition: Kashgar today and before An expedition from Kazakhstan has compared the way Kashgar is now with the way it was described 150 years ago.
20 августа 2014
In Kuchar ©Vladimir Prokopenko On the way to Kashgar: Prince, Buddhism, Canyon and watermelons Kazakh expedition group has reached Kashgar, making several pleasant discoveries along the way.
15 августа 2014
Enforced silence at China's Cultural Revolution museum No commemoration for the millions of victims of Mao Zedong's mayhem was held on the anniversary of its start.
15 августа 2014
Ulytau ©Saulet Sakenov Kazakh researchers to explore cradle of nomadic culture Kazakhstan National Geographic Society has launched an expedition into the epicenter of the nomadic civilization -Ulytau.
13 августа 2014
Fire Mountain close to Turpan ©Vladimir Prokopenko Kazakh expedition reaches Asian Rome in China Kazakhstan’s expedition Following Shoqan Walikhanov’s Caravan Route has reached the “Asian Rome” in China.
13 августа 2014
At the site ©Press service of the Turkic Academy Ancient instrument found in Turkic warrior burial in Kazakhstan Kazakhstani scientists have found an ancient musical instrument in eastern Kazakhstan.
10 августа 2014
Hiroshima marks anniversary of atomic bombing Thousands of people gathered for peace ceremonies in Hiroshima, marking the 69th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the city.
07 августа 2014
Urumqi. Photo © Vladimir Prokopenko Chinese ready to help Kazakhs with Silk Road tourism development project Chinese officials in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region declared their willingness to help Kazakhstan with developing of a new tourism route along the Great Silk Road.
30 июля 2014
In one of the mounds © Historical burial site containing child and noble woman remains discovered in South Kazakhstan Kazakhstani archaeologists have discovered a burial site containing artefacts of historical significance during excavation of the ancient settlement of Kultobe in South Kazakhstan.
29 июля 2014
© Tengrinews Kazakh expedition sets out to China The expedition Following Shoqan Walikhanov’s Caravan Route has set out.
25 июля 2014
In the footsteps of a great Kazakh traveler Modern Kazakh geographers, historians, biologists, ethnographers and linguists are going to repeat the route of a famous Kazakh traveler of the Russian Empire into Kashgaria.
23 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of 8 Silk Road monuments in Kazakhstan added to UNESCO World Heritage List UNESCO added seven settlements of the Great Silk Road located at the territory of Kazakhstan onto its World Heritage List.
15 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Napoleon and Josephine's marriage certificate for sale It was one of the greatest love stories in history and now the marriage certificate that sealed the union of Napoleon and his first wife Josephine is to be sold at auction in September.
10 июля 2014
Photo courtesy of Silk Road included into World Heritage: Kazakhstan to ensure protection of cultural site Kazakh representative to the UNESCO Executive Council Asel Utegenova said that Kazakhstan would ensure necessary protection of monuments included into the World Heritage.
10 июля 2014
Kazakh-language magazine Anyz Adam April issue depicts Adolf Hitler ©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakh editor ordered to pay damages for edition devoted to Adolf Hitler Almaly District Сourt No.2 ordered the editor of the now infamous in Kazakhstan Anyz Adam magazine to pay $71,000 in damages following a claim brought up by war veterans.
30 июня 2014
Kazakhstan banknote with a nominal value of 1000 tenge. Photo courtesy of Error on 1000 Tenge bill in Kazakhstan? Turkologist, Doctor of Historical Sciences Talgat Zhumaganbetov from Aktobe claims he has found an error on the 1000 Tenge bill.
26 июня 2014
Deng Xiaoping, the initiator of China's reform and opening-up policy. ©Reuters/China Daily Grandson of late Chinese leader Deng promoted: media The grandson of China's late paramount leader Deng Xiaoping has been given his first low-level leadership post in the area where his grandfather made history, state media said.
25 июня 2014
The Spirit of Tengri The Spirit of Tengri: revival of ancient stelas The festival organizers aim to pamper not only our music buds, but also the tactile and visual senses.
03 июня 2014
Abulkhayir Khan. Photo courtesy of Kazakh Khan through the eyes of a British traveler An English translation of historically significant John Castle’s diary about his travels to the Kazakh Steppe is in preparation in the UK.
27 мая 2014
Possible Columbus wreck off Haiti in danger of looting The US marine archaeologist who believes he has found the famous flagship of Christopher Columbus said Wednesday that salvaging it was urgent to prevent looting.
16 мая 2014

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