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California Muslims sue over hijab discrimination Two lawsuits filed in California on Monday claim that Muslim women were discriminated against in separate incidents because of their religion and for wearing the hijab.
03 мая 2016
France PM warns extreme Islam winning the propaganda war Prime Minister Manuel Valls said extreme forms of Islam were winning the propaganda war for hearts and minds.
05 апреля 2016
Kazakhstan Agency for Religion comments hijabs at schools Kazakhstan Agency for Religious Affairs has commented the ban on wearing hijabs at schools.
14 октября 2013 file photo Swiss region bans full-face Muslim veil Voters in Switzerland's Italian-speaking region Sunday slapped a ban on wearing full-face veils, a move condemned by the country's Muslim community and Amnesty International.
23 сентября 2013
Akim of Atyrau oblast Bakytkozha Ismukhambetov. Photo courtesy of Atyrau oblast Akim goes off on black hijabs Bakytkozha Ismukhambetov, Akim (Governor) of Atyrau Oblast in Western Kazakhstan, went all emotional about women dressed in black hijabs at the recent meeting of the Public Youth Council.
19 августа 2013
Indonesian 'Hijabers' buy into an Islamic economy Indonesian event organiser Risti Rahmadi wears an Islamic headscarf, uses halal lipstick and knows that it's time to pray when an app on her BlackBerry emits Koranic verses five times a day.
23 мая 2013
©RIA Novosti Spiritual Management of Muslims explains right to wear hijab in Kazakhstan The Spiritual Management of Muslims of Kazakhstan spoke about Muslim women' rights to wear hijabs and compliance with the country's laws.
26 марта 2013
Current Wokingham Youth MP Sumaiya Karim. Photo courtesy of Hijab first in British parliament A 16-year-old girl is thought to have become the first person to speak from the House of Commons despatch box in the British parliament while wearing a hijab.
24 ноября 2012
Wearing Arabic hijabs and sending our women back to the Middle Ages is not our path: President Nazarbayev According to him, young people wouldn’t turn to wearing hijabs out of their own choice.
19 ноября 2012
Fulla dolls. Photo courtesy of Senior imam of Kazakhstan's Khazret-Sultan against sales of dolls in hijabs Senior imam of Khazret-Sultan mosque Kairat Zholdybaiuly opposes sales of dolls in Arab-style hijabs in Kazakhstan.
21 сентября 2012
Less girls wear hijabs in Aktobe oblast The number of young women wearing hijabs went down from 3.7 thousand to 700.
26 апреля 2012
©RIA Novosti/Maksim Bogodvid Supreme Mufti called Kazakhstan women to not wear hijabs Kazakhs have beautiful national clothes, but it is not hijab. We should wear Afghanistan's national clothes: Supreme Mufti.
18 ноября 2011
©RIA Novosti/Maksim Bogodvid Chairman of Kazakhstan’s Agency for Religion on wearing hijabs According to him, this issue should not be raised in the legislation.
29 сентября 2011
©RIA Novosti Aktobe Education Department preparing a list of school students wearing hijabs In my view, it is important for parents and students to know the threat imposed by non-traditional Islam: deputy head of Education Department.
15 сентября 2011
Bekbolat Tleukhan. stock photo Kazakh MP asked to ban Kazakh women from showing belly-buttons A discussion between Majilis deputy and Chairman of Kazakhstan Agency for Religion during presentation of the draft law "On religious activities and religious institutions".
09 сентября 2011
Over 1/3 of Kazakhstanis against Muslim clothes According to them, popularization of Muslim symbolism in terms of clothes is not in line with the modern culture and can lead to rifts within Islam.
17 августа 2011
©RIA Novosti Hijabs will not be banned in Kazakhstan: Massimov The country should not ban wearing hijabs. We will not take any measures to forbid their wearing. It is wrong to forcedly ban them: Karim Massimov.
15 июля 2011
Lama Sharif Kairat Kayirbekuly. Hijab is not the prime attribute of being a Muslim: Chairman of the Kazakhstan’s Agency for Religion Allowing Kazakh women to wear a hijab, to some extent we are losing our national identity, Lama Sharif Kairat Kayirbekuly believes.
09 июня 2011
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