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Less girls wear hijabs in Aktobe oblast 26 апреля 2012, 15:48

The number of young women wearing hijabs went down from 3.7 thousand to 700.
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The number of young women wearing hijabs went down from 3.7 thousand to 700, YK-news.kz/ citing deputy Akim (Governor) of Aktobe oblast Sara Nurkatova. “We had around 3.7 thousand young women wearing hijabs. There are currently 700 of them, wearing hijabs out of a principle. However, we are working with them: not to make them give up the attributes, but to make sure their faith is closer to traditional Islam, rather than to that of an extremist or radical nature,” Nurkatov said at the meeting of the national commission on women and family policy. According to her, famous Russian theologists have been actively working with young people of Aktobe oblast for a year. Ansar consultation-rehabilitation center is currently opening up to work with such young people. “There will be a group of theologists, imams and experts to perform such work. And I think that this situation can be changed, we should not be scared of it. Of course, there were some flaw, but they did not happen in just one year or in our region only,” Nurkatova said. She stressed that no radical measures are applied to young girls wearing hijabs. “This is our principal position,” deputy Akim said.

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