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© RT Space-bound Russian android shows handyman skills Android robot FEDOR, likely to be part of Russian manned space missions starting 2021, has displayed impressive handyman skills.
20 ноября 2016
©REUTERS Drones to be produced in Astana in 2016 Kazakhstan will start assembling drones in Astana in 2016.
24 ноября 2014
News flush: Japanese toilet exhibition making a splash In a country known for its high-tech 'smart loos', a Japanese exhibition dedicated to what gets flushed down them and featuring a giant toilet slide is making a splash in Tokyo.
11 июля 2014
Israeli surgeon Ilya Pinsk  ©Dmitry Hegai Series of minimally invasive surgeries held by Israeli surgeons in Almaty Israeli surgeons came of Almaty to make several low-traumatic surgeries using minimally invasive laparoscopy and conduct master classes for local doctors.
03 июня 2014
Move over '123456': passwords go high-tech too Internet users may before long have a secure solution to the modern plague of passwords, in which they can use visual patterns or even their own body parts to identify themselves.
13 марта 2014
European IT firms seize opportunity from spy scandal European IT security firms have flocked to the world's biggest high-tech fair with hopes of benefiting from the fallout from shock revelations of mass US and British spying.
11 марта 2014
Developer Maximiliano Firtman. ©Reuters/Ints Kalnins Google Glass eyewear lets winking snap pictures Google Glass on Tuesday announced updates to the software in its Internet-linked eyewear to allow users to snap pictures by winking
18 декабря 2013
Kenes Rakishev telling about perspective directions of the fund's work. Photo by Maksim Popov© Kenes Rakishev and Ehud Olmert present global venture fund in Tel Aviv Kazakhstan businessman Kenes Rakishev and former Prime-Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert presented a global venture capital fund in Tel Aviv.
22 апреля 2013
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