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24.01.2014 10:11 Laws, Initiatives
The US Supreme Court heard arguments in a case about legal provisions intended to prevent the "straw" purchases of guns by one individual for other buyers.
23.09.2013 13:21 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama used a memorial service for the victims of America's latest mass shooting on Sunday to make another impassioned appeal to reform gun ownership laws.
18.09.2013 11:33 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama called on Congress Tuesday to tighten gun laws after the latest in a "ritual" of shooting massacres, but lawmakers admitted there is insufficient support for new legislation.
13.06.2013 17:19 Laws, Initiatives
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg personally wrote Wednesday to hundreds of Big Apple donors, asking them to stop funding four Democratic senators who opposed tougher gun laws in Congress.
03.05.2013 19:17 Crime
The accidental shooting death of a two-year-old at the hands of her five-year-old brother has revived the perennial gun debate in the United States, where weapons are made just for kids.
18.04.2013 18:27 Laws, Initiatives
Bristling with anger, President Barack Obama branded Wednesday's defeat of his gun reform drive in the US Senate as "shameful," and accused lawmakers of caving in to the powerful firearms lobby.
16.04.2013 11:53 Laws, Initiatives
The most significant US Senate debate on gun laws in 20 years starts Tuesday with the chamber introducing a bipartisan compromise on background checks.
11.04.2013 18:59 Laws, Initiatives
Senators struck a hard-fought compromise Wednesday that could expand US background checks to all commercial firearms sales, which may result in the most ambitious change to gun laws since 1994.
09.04.2013 16:26 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama accused Republicans of stooping to political stunts Monday to block gun reform, in a fervent appeal delivered close to the site of the Newtown school massacre.
04.04.2013 18:55 Laws, Initiatives
Senate legislators in Connecticut, where a gunman massacred 20 small children and six adults in December, passed the toughest US law on owning military-style rifles.
10.03.2013 12:16 Laws, Initiatives
Three months after Newtown, the prospects for President Barack Obama's ambitious gun control measures have dimmed, as hopes for expanded background checks clash with stubborn political realities.
20.02.2013 18:38 Politics
Vice President Joe Biden told Americans Tuesday that a few blasts of a shotgun should be ample for self defense, as he pushed White House gun reform plans.
19.02.2013 13:47 Cinema, Music
Perhaps it is no surprise, given that 2012 was a US election year, but this year's Oscars crop includes a heavy dose of politics -- which has arguably influenced Hollywood's top awards race.
13.02.2013 18:58 Politics
As promised, rocker and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent was on his best behavior at President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, but he let loose with some colorful criticism afterward.
13.02.2013 15:29 Politics
President Barack Obama brought the wounds inflicted by the recent spate of shooting deaths to Congress Tuesday, ending his State of the Union address with an emotional plea for tougher gun control.
06.02.2013 17:07 Laws, Initiatives
Lawmakers from both parties unveiled a bill Tuesday cracking down on "straw purchasers" who traffic firearms to criminals, the first in a series of new gun control measures expected in Congress.
27.01.2013 20:08 People
Thousands of people marched in Washington on Saturday to demand stronger gun control legislation, in a solemn rally six weeks after the shock massacre of young children at a Connecticut school.
18.01.2013 16:38 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama Wednesday demanded an assault weapons ban and universal background checks for gun buyers as part of sweeping gun control measures in response to the Newtown school massacre.
16.01.2013 17:00 Laws, Initiatives
The US gun lobby lashed out at President Barack Obama Tuesday as an "elitist hypocrite" for providing Secret Service protection to his daughters but balking at having armed guards in all schools.
15.01.2013 18:27 Laws, Initiatives
President Barack Obama pledged Monday to vigorously pursue "sensible" gun control but, a month after a school massacre traumatized America, questioned whether tough new laws could pass Congress.
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