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EU on verge of bridging pre-summit gulf on banks watchdog European governments argued through the night in a bid to agree a deal on tightening the oversight of eurozone bank, hours before leaders stage on Thursday their final summit of a gruelling third year in debt-crisis mode.
14 декабря 2012
Impoverished Greek families facing uncertain future Blue-eyed Angelina had the misfortune of being born in Greece in 2010, just as the country became engulfed by an economic crisis that has deprived her parents, like so many Greeks.
12 декабря 2012
Greece launches bond buyback programme Greece's PDMA national debt agency said on Monday it had begun a voluntary buyback of the country's bonds at heavily discounted prices, a condition for receiving its latest instalment of EU-IMF bailout funds.
05 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy uf IIF says Greek debt buyback must be 'voluntary' A powerful international bank lobby warned Thursday that the outcome of Greece's looming debt buyback program remains uncertain and warned that it must be "purely voluntary."
01 декабря 2012
Photo courtesy of Euro slips after buying on Greek rescue fizzles The euro slipped in Asian trade on Wednesday after a buying spree sparked by Greece's bailout deal fizzled owing to lingering concerns over Europe's sovereign debt problems.
29 ноября 2012
EU ministers agree significant debt relief deal for Greece Greece won breathing space Tuesday with long-frozen eurozone loans to restart from December and a first clear admission that a chunk of the country's debt burden will need to be written off down the line.
27 ноября 2012
New eurozone talks to save Greece from financial collapse Eurozone finance ministers meet in Brussels Monday for the third time in two weeks for talks on unlocking the next slice of aid to debt-crippled Greece, which is in danger of running out of money.
26 ноября 2012
©REUTERS Euro weakens as eurozone fails to agree Greek deal The euro fell in Asian trade on Wednesday and shares eased after eurozone finance chiefs said they had failed to agree on a deal to unlock the latest batch of crucial bailout cash for Greece.
22 ноября 2012
Greece eyes fresh bailout funds after budget passed The Greek parliament on Sunday approved a slashed 2013 budget which the government has vowed will secure the release of foreign aid vital to save the debt-ridden country from insolvency.
12 ноября 2012
Greek lawmakers to vote on austerity amid strikes Greek lawmakers vote Wednesday on austerity measures needed to unlock international aid and stave off bankruptcy despite strikes and public anger against billions more euros in tax hikes and pension cuts.
08 ноября 2012
Football: Austerity bites for Greek football New austerity measures to be voted on by Greek lawmakers on Wednesday are expected to deal a further financial blow the country's football teams as fans find it increasingly difficult to pay for tickets.
07 ноября 2012
Athens to get two more years to meet deficit target: report The Greek government will get a grace period of an extra two years to rein in its runaway public debt.
25 октября 2012
Eurozone leaders see 'good progress' in Greece: statement Eurozone leaders on Friday hailed Greece's achievements in carrying out reforms aimed at getting its economy back on track and urged Athens to keep up efforts to stay in the eurozone.
20 октября 2012
Greece eyes simplification of visa procedures for Kazakhstan Simplification of visa procedures for Kazakhstan citizens is discussed in Athens.
16 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Unemployment 30 mn higher than before crisis: ILO There are now 30 million more people without jobs around the world than before the global financial crisis began, the head of the International Labour Organization said.
12 октября 2012
IMF wants to give Greece two more years The International Monetary Fund is happy for debt-battered Greece to have an extra two years to bring its runaway deficit in line with the demands of global creditors.
12 октября 2012
Merkel's Athens visit chance to ease tension German Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit Tuesday to debt-strapped Greece may provide a chance to ease tensions born of the economic crisis.
10 октября 2012
Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico. ©REUTERS Slovak PM says eurozone will not survive in current form The eurozone is unlikely to survive in its current form and one or more countries will probably have to leave the 17-nation single currency bloc, Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico said Sunday.
01 октября 2012
Greek PM stresses urgency of austerity deal Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stressed the urgency of sealing an austerity pact ahead of crucial talks Monday between Greek officials and the so-called troika of international creditors.
01 октября 2012
Greek prisons groaning under austerity cuts Austerity cuts imposed in Greece have created an explosive situation in the country's overcrowded prisons, where sanitation and food services are in disarray, insiders warn.
29 сентября 2012

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