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Energy is 'game changer' in new Cyprus peace drive Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot leaders meet Tuesday to relaunch talks on ending the island's division after a nearly two-year break, with optimism that the energy card could provide a breakthrough.
11 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Suzanne Plunkett In Greece, recovery starts with fast food and coffee Graphics artist and part-time barmaid, Mariza Papasmiria struggled for years juggling her two jobs, working seven days a week for 1,600 euros ($2,200) a month.
04 февраля 2014
Kefalonia, Greece. Photo courtesy of Strong earthquake rattles Greek island A strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck near the Greek island of Cephalonia in the Ionian Sea early Monday, the the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported.
03 февраля 2014
Kerry praises Greece for tough economic choices US Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Greek government Friday for making "tough choices" to resolve the country's economic crisis and said he believed the situation was improving.
18 января 2014
©Reuters/Mariana Bazo Greek bronzes raise hope of revival in southern Italy Two remarkably life-like Greek bronze statues have gone on show in the same Calabria region in southern Italy where they were found by an amateur diver 42 years ago.
12 января 2014
Greece's Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras. ©Reuters/Francois Lenoir  Greece eyes return to bond markets in 2nd half of 2014 Bailed-out Greece is hoping to return to bond markets in the second half of 2014 -- but only if growth and a primary budget surplus permits, its finance minister said Sunday.
30 декабря 2013
Europe's 'crisis after the crisis' poses uncertainty in 2014 Is Europe on the verge of a popular uprising? The question was asked by one of Greece's most respected newspapers as another year of painful austerity drew to a close.
15 декабря 2013
Photo courtesy of With $65 bn in debt, is Puerto Rico America's Greece? Laden with debt, its economy in recession: Is the US territory of Puerto Rico poised to become another Greece?
04 декабря 2013
Greece suspends state aid to neo-Nazi party The Greek parliament has adopted a measure suspending state aid to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, after six of its lawmakers faced charges in a high-profile probe of the group's alleged criminal activities.
23 октября 2013
Mosque and school spark new feud between Turkey and Greece Greece and Turkey, which share a history marred by bitter territorial disputes and Christian-Muslim feuds, are at loggerheads once again over religion.
11 октября 2013
Bailouts still key issue as eurozone finance ministers meet Eurozone finance ministers meet in calmer times Friday but still need to ensure bailed-out member states meet their targets amid growing speculation some will need more help to get back on track.
13 сентября 2013
©REUTERS/Danny Lawson/Pool Greek coroner receives letter bomb, no injury: police A Greek coroner involved in terrorism investigations escaped injury on Sunday after a letter bomb he received went off.
02 сентября 2013
Greece may need new bailout of 10bn euros Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said that if Greece required a new bailout in 2014, it would be a "much smaller" package of around 10 billion euros with no austerity conditions attached.
26 августа 2013
©REUTERS Hundreds of homes deemed unfit after Greek quakes: officials Hundreds of homes in rural central Greece have been deemed unfit for habitation after a wave of quakes this week.
12 августа 2013
Obama: Greece needs policies focused on growth and jobs US President Barack Obama called Thursday for more growth-oriented policies in Greece, saying the austerity has not been adequate to revive the country's battered economy.
09 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis IMF approves 1.7 bn euro loan payout to Greece The International Monetary Fund released 1.72 billion euros ($2.29 billion) in aid for Greece on Monday after completing a review of the country's performance under the international rescue program.
30 июля 2013
Greek deputies approve reform bill tied to EU-IMF loans Greece's parliament early on Thursday narrowly approved a sweeping bill of reforms tied to the country's next tranche of EU-IMF loans.
18 июля 2013
Greek PM faces week of protests over new austerity bill Greece's prime minister faces protests this week over a bill that must pass for the country to receive a fresh tranche of EU-IMF aid.
15 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Alexandra Winkler Arrests in Greece over letter bomb: police Two men were arrested in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, late on Thursday in connection with a botched letter bombing earlier this month.
12 июля 2013
US intelligence targeted Italy and France embassies: report France, Italy and Greece were among 38 "targets" of spying operations conducted by US intelligence services, according to documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper by fugitive former CIA operative Edward Snowden.
01 июля 2013

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