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Photo © Nikolay Kolesnikov Glaciers may be gone in 65 years, Kazakhstan may face water shortages: Dr Severskiy Dzhungar Alatau glaciers can disappear by 2080 and Kazakhstan will be experiencing water shortages, said Doctor of Geographical Sciences Igor Severskiy.
31 июля 2015
First Kazakhstani expedition to North Pole. Photo ©  Kazakh Geographic Society Kazakhstani nomads reach North Pole in 6 days Kazakhstani expedition has conquered the North Pole and placed the flag of Kazakhstan and flag of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan as symbols of visitation.
18 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of Revival of Przewalski's horses continues in Kazakhstan Przewalski's horses will be brought from the Nuremberg Zoo to Kazakhstan in Spring 2016.
08 декабря 2014
Caravanserai Tash Rabat ©Vladimir Prokopenko Kazakh expedition to China and Kyrgyzstan comes to end The expedition dedicated to Kazakh scholar Shoqan Walikhanov has made the last observations on the way from Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan.
01 сентября 2014
© Tengrinews Population of Kazakhstan's south to outnumber north four times The population in Kazakhstan's northern regions may shrink by nearly one million people by 35 years, and become four times smaller than that of the southern areas.
24 апреля 2014
© Americans confuse Ukraine and Kazakhstan on world map Most Americans do not know how to locate Ukraine on the world map, while at the same time support use of U.S. military forces in the country.
08 апреля 2014
Photo courtesy of French geographers publish global atlas on sexuality Where are people most unfaithful? Who uses sex toys? On a darker level, where is child rape more prevalent? French geographers have tried to answer these questions and others in a global atlas on sexuality.
10 июня 2013
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ©REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch Where is Kazakhstan? is a good question... Where is Berlin? is a better one See Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, try to answer it.
25 мая 2012
CIS map CIS countries decided to create CIS geographic atlas CIS Interstate Council on Geodesy, Cartography, Land Registry and Earth Remote Sensing decided to create a CIS atlas.
22 ноября 2011
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