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Goat polo, tug-of-war as Central Asia readies for Nomad Games In a melee of hooves and hands, a scrum of horseriders on the plains of Central Asia wrestle to get control of the ball.
29 августа 2016
Pokemon's a no-go on Bangkok's roads Police in Bangkok announced a crackdown against Thai drivers playing Pokemon Go.
22 августа 2016
Pokemon Go unleashes legions of monster hunters Since its release in the United States, Australia and New Zealand last week, the free Pokemon Go smartphone game that overlays play on the real world has triggered a craze tinged with obsession.
14 июля 2016
Google computer wins final game against S. Korean Go master A Google-developed computer programme won the machine vs human challenge against South Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol.
15 марта 2016
YouTube Gaming adds mobile play streaming YouTube Gaming ramped up its challenge to Amazon-owned Twitch by adding streamed play of mobile games and a new subscription option.
16 октября 2015
Photo ©Martin Gabor, United World Wrestling Kazakhstan's first Olympic lisence for wrestling Kazakhstani wrestler Doszhan Kartikov has earned the first Olympic license at the World Championship in Las Vegas.
10 сентября 2015
Nintendo says CEO Satoru Iwata dead of cancer at 55 Nintendo said Monday that its chief executive Satoru Iwata has died of cancer at the age of 55.
13 июля 2015
YouTube plays to video game loving viewers YouTube is wading confidently into turf dominated by Amazon-owned Twitch, with a service tailored for the hot trend of videogame play as a spectator sport.
18 июня 2015
Uber game puts iPhone users behind the wheel Uber released a free game that lets iPhone and iPad users test their skills as drivers for the controversial on-demand car ride service.
12 июня 2015
Photo courtesy of Halo Online to be open for Kazakhstani gamers Halo franchise has made free Halo Online FPS available to Kazakhstan and other former Soviet countries.
07 апреля 2015
©REUTERS Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man Google's mapping service rolled out a gamefied version inspired by the classic Pac-Man, turning the real streets of a city into a labyrinth to gobble up pellets and ghosts.
01 апреля 2015
© Olympics: Beijing, Almaty hand over rival 2022 Winter Games bids Leaders of the rival Beijing and Almaty bids to stage the 2022 Winter Olympics made official guarantees to the IOC as their battle entered the final straight.
07 января 2015
Nursultan Nazarbayev during the meeting with media representatives. Frame of STV Channel. Nazarbayev on Almaty's bid for 2022 Winter Olympics Nursultan Nazarbayev has discussed the feasibility of hosting the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Almaty during Q&A session with media representatives.
22 декабря 2014
©Reuters 'Call of Duty' blasts past $10 bn in sales Blockbuster military shooter video game "Call of Duty" has blasted past $10 billion in lifetime sales.
21 ноября 2014
Angry Birds toys. ©REUTERS Prince William recruits Angry Birds to protect wildlife Prince William teamed up with the makers of Angry Birds to release a new game that will highlight the dangers of illegal poaching for animal species.
17 ноября 2014
Actor Kevin Spacey, outstanding lead actor in a drama series nominee for "House of Cards". ©Reuters 'Call of Duty' soldiers battle villain Kevin Spacey The newest instalment to blockbuster video game "Call of Duty" hits the streets, pitting soldiers of the future against a Machiavellian villain played by actor Kevin Spacey.
03 ноября 2014
Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement gets computer game makeover "Yellow Umbrella" has been downloaded more than 40,000 times from Google Play's store since its release.
25 октября 2014
Photo courtesy of Hobbit fans step into "Shadow of Mordor" video game Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment released a "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor" video game that plays out between "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings."
01 октября 2014
First World Nomad Games draw crowds World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan gave thousands of visitors a taste of real nomadic spirit of competition.
22 сентября 2014
Indie game developers sprouting at Tokyo Game Show Nestled among the industry giants at the Tokyo Game Show are a growing number of small and independent games developers from Asia and Europe.
18 сентября 2014

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