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14.02.2013 14:55 People
The sole surviving member of the Bee Gees on Thursday revealed he and his brothers could easily have turned to crime rather than music as he unveiled a statue in their honour in Australia.
04.02.2013 18:44 Politics
Thousands of Cambodians dressed in black and white gathered Monday ahead of the cremation of revered former king Norodom Sihanouk, who steered the war-ravaged kingdom through six turbulent decades.
31.01.2013 14:39 Politics
More than one million mourners are expected to line the streets of the Cambodian capital on Friday for a lavish funeral procession for their revered former King Norodom Sihanouk.
15.12.2012 10:43 Politics
A 94-year-old man who cashed in his funeral savings to use as an election deposit was out canvassing for votes Friday, just two days ahead of Japan's general election.
31.10.2012 12:39 Science, Technologies
Death is no longer the fusty business it once was: from swipeable bar codes on headstones to designer urns, webcam-based ceremonies and virtual memorials, funerals have shot into the 21st century.
06.10.2012 12:45 Crime
A private funeral was held Friday for murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher in Australia, whose disappearance gripped the nation and led to an outpouring of grief and anger.
16.09.2012 11:33 Religion
More than 30,000 mourners, many weeping openly, attended the elaborate, flower-strewn funeral in South Korea Saturday of their "messiah" and Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon.
31.08.2012 15:33 Politics
Ethiopia will bury its longtime powerful prime minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday in the first state funeral staged for a leader of the Horn of Africa nation in more than 80 years.
25.07.2012 14:39 Crime
Cuban police arrested dozens of dissidents Tuesday at the funeral of political activist Oswaldo Paya, after his daughter's vow to seek justice over his sudden death in a road accident.
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