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Rise of water level in river near Kazakh capital continues


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The rise of water level in the Nura river continues, Tengrinews reports.

The rise of water level in the Nura river continues, Tengrinews reports.

Spokesman of the Committee of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ruslan Imankulov said that according to the public agency KazSeleZashshita that is responsible for protection from floods in Kazakhstan, the rise of water on the river continues in Akmola Oblast.

"Especially in Korgalzhyn District, spills and flooding are possible," Imankulov said. He said that four villages were in the danger zone. The population of these villages totalled at about 500 people.

According to him, all the necessary preventive measures were being undertaken, residents were being evacuated in advance. But some of the people opted to stay in their villages to protect their property and help in case of emergency, he added.

In Akmola Oblast as a whole, floods hit the town of Atbasar and 12 settlements of Ereymentausky, Arshalynsky, Astrakhan, Atbasar and Tselinograd Districts. In Atbasar District rescue teams were performing round the clock duty. They are on high alert. Roads of regional significance Atbasar - Sochinskoye in Atbasar District and Shortandy - Zholymbet in Shortady District were flooded in places. The flooded patches sections 5-10 and 30-50 meters long. Traffic signs were installed, and patrols placed near the sections to ward off the traffic.

Pumping of water, restoration of roads, construction of protective structures continues. Duty is conducted day and night. Water is gone from 114 houses of the 168 affected.

As for Karaganda Oblast, since the beginning of the flood here, 48 settlements and two winterings in nine districts have been affected. Now the situation is gradually stabilising in seven districts. Buhkar-Zhyrau and Nura Districts are under control. There is a decline of water level in the rivers of the Oblast. Of the 13,279 evacuees, 11,940 returned to their homes.

Works on pumping away the water are ongoing. Delivery of provisions, humanitarian aid, landfilling, patrolling, restoring communications, medical and psychological assistance to the affected population are also underway. Work has begun on recultivation of the area.

All the available fire-pumping stations and pumps are involved in anti-flood campaigns in Mustafin village.

To date, the water is gone from 1900 homes out of the total of 2107 affected. 33,466 heads of cattle were driven off to safe places from the flooded areas. 28,962 of the animals have been returned to their farmsteads.

Imankulov said that since the beginning of floods in Kazakhstan, a total of 16,171 people were evacuated. And now 13,375 evacuees returned to their homes. Of 2434 houses affected by the flood, the water is gone from 2173.

Reporting by Renat Tashkinbayev, writing by Dinara Urazova


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