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© Google, Facebook take aim at 'fake' news Google and Facebook to cut off advertising revenue to fake news sites, after cases of misinformation during the US presidential election.
16 ноября 2016
Photo courtesy of Germany blocks WhatsApp data transfers to Facebook German data protection authorities said they had blocked Facebook from collecting subscriber data from its subsidiary WhatsApp.
28 сентября 2016
©Reuters Facebook tests tech to help blind people enjoy photos Facebook on Monday began using artificial intelligence to help people with visual impairments enjoy photos posted at the leading social network.
05 апреля 2016
©Reuters/Dado Ruvic
 Facebook ramps paid leave time for new dads With Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg about to become a dad, the social network boosted the amount of time fathers can take off to bond with their new babies.
28 ноября 2015
Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. Photo from facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg to take time off from Facebook to be a dad Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg announced that he will take two months paternity leave after his wife gives birth to their first child.
21 ноября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook tests tools for dealing with former loves The online social network devoted to making the world more connected began helping couples break up.
20 ноября 2015
Facebook 'safety check' at the ready after Paris attacks A Facebook tool that let people check whether friends were safe after deadly attacks in Paris will be used more widely in the future, the social network said.
17 ноября 2015
©Reuters/Dado Ruvic
 Facebook tests vanishing messages Facebook users in France were able to send vanishing missives with its smartphone Messenger application, ramping up the challenge to Snapchat.
13 ноября 2015
Belgian court gives Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking Internet users A Belgian court gave Facebook 48 hours to stop tracking Internet users who do not have accounts with the US social media giant, or risk fines of up to 250,000 euros ($269,000) a day.
10 ноября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook soars to new heights on upbeat earnings Facebook shares rocketed to an all-time high as investors welcomed solid earnings for the social networking giant, which has seen big gains in advertising and better connections in mobile and video.
06 ноября 2015
Facebook's Zuckerberg in India to get 'next billion online' Facebook chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg said he believes India will be crucial to getting "the next billion online" and helping to alleviate poverty.
28 октября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook expands smartphone alerts to news, weather Facebook, making a bigger push to deliver personalized information to its members, said it was expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.
27 октября 2015
Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. Photo from facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerbergs to start school mixing learning and health Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his doctor wife revealed plans to start a private school in a hardscrabble Silicon Valley town, mixing education with health care.
24 октября 2015
Facebook will warn users of state-sponsored attacks Facebook followed in Google's footsteps and began warning users when it appears they are targeted by state-sponsored cyber attacks.
20 октября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook to test mobile app shopping tab Facebook said that it will begin testing a shopping tab for its mobile app as it works to ramp up advertising and online commerce offerings.
13 октября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook says no to 'dislike' button but tests 'sad' and 'angry' ones Facebook will begin testing a new feature allowing users in Ireland and Spain to express a range of emotions on posts -- but there will be no "dislike" button, the social network said.
09 октября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook blow as EU court quashes transatlantic data deal Facebook and other Internet giants could be barred from sending European citizens' personal information to the US.
07 октября 2015
India PM makes rock star appearance at Facebook Standing side-by-side with Mark Zuckerberg, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a rock star appearance at Facebook, advocating for the political power of social media.
28 сентября 2015
Photo courtesy of Facebook working on long-sought 'dislike' button Facebook, pressed for years by users to add a "dislike" button, announced Tuesday it was working on the feature and will be testing it soon.
16 сентября 2015
©REUTERS Facebook business pages closer to becoming online shops Facebook pages moved closer to replacing small business websites, announcing features designed to make it easier for shops to hawk their wares.
09 сентября 2015

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