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Meeting of Central Asian Foreign Ministers and EU representatives. Photo by Tengrinews© Kazakhstan and EU to sign expanded cooperation program A bilateral extended cooperation program for the nearest years will be signed during the visit of Catherine Ashton to Kazakhstan.
29 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of Baltic farmers demand fair slice of EU aid As the EU braces for bruising budget talks, the bloc's three small Baltic states have stepped up their campaign to get what they say is their fair share of farm aid.
22 ноября 2012
Clinton to push Bosnia for reforms at start of Balkans tour US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton begins a five-nation Balkans tour on Tuesday, seeking to push regional leaders to stick to existing agreements and enact the reforms needed to join the EU and NATO.
31 октября 2012
Kazakhstan working on new cooperation agreement with EU: Nazarbayev Nursultan Nazarbayev met with members of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes during his official visit to Austria.
23 октября 2012
Photo by Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan and EU will jointly counter terrorist propaganda We are working on a new agreement between Kazakhstan and the European Union to jointly counter propaganda of terrorism: deputy chairman of the National Security Commission of Kazakhstan.
21 октября 2012
©REUTERS Kazakhstan airlines may be out of EU black list next year Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications told about the plans to help Kazakhstan airlines out of EU black list.
08 октября 2012
Greek PM stresses urgency of austerity deal Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras stressed the urgency of sealing an austerity pact ahead of crucial talks Monday between Greek officials and the so-called troika of international creditors.
01 октября 2012
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. ©REUTERS Kazakhstan is calling Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security organizations to interact Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is advocating a platform for Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security cooperation.
18 сентября 2012
©REUTERS ICAO will help Kazakhstan airlines out of EU blacklist KazAeroNavigation and the International Civil Aviation Organization have signed an Agreement on Informational-Managerial Services.
24 августа 2012 stock photo Expanstion of cooperation between Kazakhstan and EU to be discussed in Astana The third round of negotiations with the European Commission will be held in Astana on July 10-11.
10 июля 2012
New Greek government pins hopes on privatisations Greece's new government formally takes office this week and looks set to push privatisation so as to win favour and funds from EU-IMF creditors who are inspecting the country's strained finances.
06 июля 2012
Recovering Greek leader faces crucial audit Ailing Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras must face a crucial audit by Greece's creditors this week and may be tempted to push a change of rescue terms more in line with what was recently offered Spain.
02 июля 2012
Stockholm subway. Photo courtesy of Ekaterina Sisfontes Stockholm photo exhibition to be held in Almaty subway as part of ArtbatFest Ekaterina Sisfontes’ (Sweden) photo exhibition called Stockholm Subway will kick off in Almaty subway on May 26.
25 мая 2012
Nursultan Nazarbayev. Daniyal Okassov © Kazakhstan’s 2011 trade turnover with the EU stands at $50 billion According to President Nazarbayev, currently a key issue for Kazakhstan is a new agreement on expanded partnership.
25 апреля 2012
Air Astana plane. Photo courtesy of the company's press-service French Ambassador to Kazakhstan calling for exclusion of Air Astana from EU black list Jean-Charles Berthonnet made an official statement on April 9.
10 апреля 2012
©REUTERS Kazakhstan air companies are in EU black list Kazakhstan air companies, except for Air Astana, got into the EU black list again.
10 апреля 2012
Air Astana against EU carbon charges The European Union has imposed a charge on carbon emissions from January 1.
11 января 2012 stock photo Kazakhstan to export horse meat to the EU A memorandum between Astana AgroProduct and Italian Naba Carni on a joint horse-breeding venture was signed in Astana.
05 декабря 2011
Karim Massimov met with the head of EU representative office in Kazakhstan Norbert Justine. Photo courtesy of Massimov met with head of EU representative office in Kazakhstan Karim Massimov met with the head of EU representative office in Kazakhstan Norbert Justine.
11 ноября 2011
Kazakhstan and EU agreed on access to services market upon entering WTO Negotiations on access to services market upon Kazakhstan's ascent into the WTO completed between Kazakhstan and the European Union on October 12 in Brussels.
14 октября 2011

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