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15.07.2013 16:01 Politics
Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski on Sunday was struck by an egg hurled by a young man during a hugely sensitive visit to Ukraine to commemorate a wartime massacre.
26.04.2013 16:31 Politics
Karaganda activist Andrey Tsukanov who threw eggs at Kazakhstan Labor and Social Protection Minister Serik Abdenov at the meeting in Almaty may be arrested for up to 10 days.
26.04.2013 16:16 Politics
Kazakhstan Minister of Labor and Social Protection Serik Abdenov was attacked with eggs in front of 50 journalists and photographers during a briefing in Almaty.
24.08.2012 11:57 Strange News
A New Zealand man who assaulted his wife with an ostrich egg after her pet pig ran amok has been jailed for six months.
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