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03.06.2014 11:00 Politics
Malawi, traditionally dependent on Western aid donors, will look for "new friends" in countries such as China and Russia, newly elected President Peter Mutharika said at his inauguration.
11.02.2014 11:20 People
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was America's most generous donor in 2013, giving nearly $1 billion of his fortune to charity.
21.01.2014 20:04 Health
The public opinion in Kazakhstan has been changing towards becoming more positive about transplantations from deceased donors.
15.01.2014 18:51 Unrest
Donors gathered in Kuwait Wednesday in a major fundraising drive for 13 million Syrians affected by war following a record UN appeal for $6.5 billion.
17.09.2013 15:03 Health
Emergency organ transplantation without notification of the patient’s families, in case they are not immediately available, may be put into a law in Kazakhstan.
13.08.2013 15:16 Health
Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry is working on a common registrar of donors, recipients and persons awaiting transplantation.
17.06.2013 16:45 Health
Blood donors commitment in Kazakhstan leaves much to be desired: deputy Director of the National Blood Center in Almaty.
13.06.2013 17:19 Laws, Initiatives
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg personally wrote Wednesday to hundreds of Big Apple donors, asking them to stop funding four Democratic senators who opposed tougher gun laws in Congress.
18.02.2013 14:46 Health
Former Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister calls Kazakhstan citizens not to be afraid of donorship.
30.01.2013 10:24 Military
An international donor conference to drum up funds and troops to help the military operation against Islamist militants in Mali opened on Tuesday at the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia's capital.
07.12.2012 11:39 Health
We have no waitlists of those who require transplantation, as there are more and more patients every year; some of them die: expert.
04.10.2012 18:53 Health
Syzganov National Scientific Surgery Center held a press-conference on development of donorship in Kazakhstan.
26.09.2012 11:30 Health
A Danish sperm donor has passed a potentially severe genetic disorder to five children after a screening test failed to catch that he had the disease.
02.09.2012 15:23 Health
Doctors of the National Medical Holding held a flashmob in Astana to bring more attention to donorship in Kazakhstan.
10.07.2012 11:33 Health
The first full implantation of an artificial heart has been made in Kazakhstan.
09.07.2012 10:37 Politics
Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai on Monday hailed international donors for pledging $16 billion in aid to the war-torn nation, but called for more help to clamp down on corruption.
20.06.2012 19:54 Health
The ambassadors of Serbia, Sweden and France to Kazakhstan became voluntary blood donors at The Scientific and Production Center of Transfusiology in Astana.
15.06.2012 14:22 People
Almaty citizen Aleksander Skakovskiy donated blood for the 900th time on June 14.
30.03.2012 11:13 Health
It will be impossible to find a healthy sperm donor in Kazakhstan in 20 years, if the current ecological situation doesn't improve.
03.01.2012 19:30 Health
Half of respondents replied that they did not believe in a positive outcome of kidneys transplantation surgeries.
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