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28.08.2013 16:03 Politics
Talks between China and Japan, embroiled in a bitter row over disputed islands, are unlikely on the sidelines of the upcoming G20 summit.
15.08.2013 18:31 Politics
Gibraltar is pleased that Spain is "at last" thinking of taking its longstanding dispute over the sovereignty of the British outpost to international courts.
31.07.2013 15:49 Finance
Liechtenstein's oldest bank said Tuesday it would pay nearly $25 million to settle a dispute with US tax authorities over its suspected role in helping clients dodge US taxes.
10.07.2013 15:54 Markets
The EU filed a dispute with Russia over vehicle imports at the WTO, the first such challenge to Moscow since it joined the trade body almost a year ago.
19.03.2013 15:55 Religion
China's angry reaction to Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou's attendance at the inauguration of Pope Francis on Tuesday is the first taste of a long-running dispute..
14.03.2013 10:00 Politics
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner Tuesday slammed as a "parody" the referendum in the disputed Falkland islands, where residents voted in favor of remaining a British overseas territory.
06.03.2013 21:33 Crime
A 27-y.o. citizen of Gabon stabbed her husband, a 53-y.o. citizen of Great Britain during a family dispute in Atyrau in western Kazakhstan.
28.02.2013 17:16 Politics
Japan's prime minister on Thursday quoted comments by former British premier Margaret Thatcher about the Falklands War as he spoke about Tokyo's acrimonious islands dispute with China.
18.02.2013 12:54 Politics
Britain, apparently backed by a handful of European Union allies, is fighting to lift an EU arms embargo barring the supply of weapons to the Syrian rebel coalition battling President Bashar al-Assad.
07.02.2013 15:29 Politics
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Wednesday urged China to avoid confrontation and seek out a peaceful dialogue with Japan and other countries over territorial disputes.
05.02.2013 10:47 Politics
Tokyo summoned China's envoy Tuesday in protest at what it says was another incursion into its territorial waters, after Beijing's ships sailed near islands at the centre of a bitter dispute.
27.01.2013 10:26 Politics
A boat carrying Taiwanese activists headed for disputed Japanese-controlled islands turned back Thursday after coastguard vessels from the two sides converged and duelled with water cannon.
24.01.2013 11:33 Companies
ArcelorMittal Temirtau miners have not sent an offer to negotiate collective labor agreement to the company.
20.01.2013 11:19 Politics
Three Chinese government ships Saturday entered Japanese territorial waters around disputed islands, Japan's coastguard said, hours after a veiled US warning to Beijing not to challenge Tokyo's control.
14.12.2012 10:21 Politics
Japan scrambled fighter jets on Thursday after one Chinese state-owned aeroplane entered airspace over islands at the centre of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing.
27.11.2012 12:49 Politics
France's main right-wing opposition party was close to collapse on Monday after talks failed to resolve a bitter leadership dispute and an ex-prime minister vowed to take the battle to the courts.
27.11.2012 11:56 Military
China has conducted the first landing of a fighter jet on its new aircraft carrier in a move that extends Beijing's ability to project its growing military might in territorial disputes.
21.11.2012 10:00 Politics
US President Barack Obama is set to dive into the tumultuous diplomatic waters of the South China Sea on Tuesday at a summit dominated by rival claims to the strategically vital area.
20.11.2012 16:11 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on Tuesday warned of an increasingly severe security environment in Asia amid raging territorial disputes, as he met US President Barack Obama.
20.11.2012 12:49 Politics
The ex-Soviet states of Central Asia are engaged in an increasingly bitter standoff over water resources, adding another element of instability to the volatile region neighbouring Afghanistan.
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