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03.10.2014 17:09 Environment
The United Nations has recognized desertification as one of the global environmental problems. Kazakhstan has joined the efforts to fight desertification but there is a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome.
02.10.2014 01:18 Environment
The American space agency has a published a photo taken in August, which shows the eastern basin of the Southern Sea completely dried up.
25.09.2013 13:18 Environment
As desertification creeps into parts of the world, a rare stretch of sand in Canada's vast western plains is oddly doing the reverse -- slowly sprouting with vegetation.
30.04.2013 18:39 Environment
The National Center will be created to attract non-governmental and international organizations, local communities and business structures.
12.04.2013 12:04 People
Some 74,000 Malians, who have been displaced by war and ethnic tensions, are in need of urgent help in the desert of Mauritania..
27.11.2012 16:39 Crime
The bones of nine people were found in desert graves in violence-plagued northern Mexico, raising the number of remains found there since the weekend to 20, authorities said Monday.
19.11.2012 11:54 Environment
Fifteen solar panel vehicles, some that look like small space ships, raced across Chile's Atacama desert Friday as part of a contest to build low-cost environmentally-friendly cars.
07.11.2012 17:51 People
A 25-year-old man died and another was recovering in hospital Wednesday after they became stranded in the harsh Australian Outback, prompting warnings about the risks of the desert.