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Anger in Hong Kong as protesters compared to slaves A prominent businesswoman has sparked outrage in Hong Kong by comparing the city's pro-democracy protesters to African-American slaves.
01 ноября 2014
For Hong Kong youngsters, protests bring taste of freedom A month on the streets has given young Hong Kong democracy protesters a taste of life outside the city's cramped shoebox apartments.
31 октября 2014
No end in sight for Hong Kong protests after talks Hong Kong student leaders said they may not take part in further talks with the government after accusing city authorities of failing to make any meaningful offer.
22 октября 2014
Hong Kong leader: Democracy would see poor people dominate vote Hong Kong's leader told media that if the government met pro-democracy protesters' demands it would result in the city's poorer people dominating elections.
21 октября 2014
HK legal chief says govt 'impartial' on police brutality Hong Kong's justice chief insisted that any prosecution of plainclothes officers who were filmed beating a handcuffed protester would be handled impartially.
16 октября 2014
Hong Kong police 'removed' over protest brutality video: govt Hong Kong police officers involved in an apparent assault on a protester have been "removed" from their positions, the city's security chief said..
15 октября 2014
Hong Kong leader says protests have 'almost zero chance' Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters have an "almost zero chance" of changing Beijing's stance and securing free elections despite more than two weeks of rallies.
13 октября 2014
Hong Kong protesters vow to fight on as talks collapse Crunch talks between Hong Kong democracy protesters and the government were called off .
09 октября 2014
HK protesters remain at government HQ as deadline looms Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters remained stubbornly encamped outside the city's government headquarters in the early hours of Monday.
06 октября 2014
Huge Hong Kong rally as protesters reopen door for talks Thousands of pro-democracy protesters held a peace rally in central Hong Kong in defiance of recent attacks against their ranks.
05 октября 2014
L'Oreal suspends all business travel to Hong Kong: company The world's top cosmetics group L'Oreal said it was suspending all business travel to Hong Kong due to street demonstrations.
01 октября 2014
Hong Kong protests turn festive after tear gas chaos Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters turned parts of Hong Kong into a massive street party on Monday night.
30 сентября 2014
Protesting Hong Kong students storm government complex Dozens of protesters took part in an ongoing student demonstration against Beijing's refusal to grant the city unfettered democracy.
27 сентября 2014
Photo © tengrinews Tony Blair to contribute to book on Kazakhstani Constitution Foreign experts and politicians will put together a book on the Constitution of Kazakhstan.
14 сентября 2014
Electoral assistants count ballots at a polling station after the last day of civil referendum held by the Occupy Central organisers in Hong Kong. ©Reuters/Tyrone Siu China slams Hong Kong democracy poll despite 800,000 votes Organisers urged Hong Kong's government to take seriously an unofficial referendum on democratic reform after nearly 800,000 people voted in the Chinese city, but state media in Beijing dismissed the ballot as unpatriotic.
01 июля 2014
Dalai Lama in democracy call ahead of Tibet autonomy push The Dalai Lama has called for democracy in China and offered prayers for victims of the Tiananmen crackdown ahead of the launch Thursday of a new campaign for autonomy in his Tibetan homeland.
05 июня 2014
President of the Republic of the Fiji Islands, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. ©Reuters/Lucas Jackson Fiji sets September 17 for return to democracy Fiji's military rulers Friday set September 17 as the date for the South Pacific nation's first democratic elections in nearly eight years following a military coup.
28 марта 2014
Hala Shukrallah, the president of the Dostour liberal party. ©Reuters/Amr Abdallah Dalsh First woman to head Egypt party worried over military The first woman to head an Egyptian political party has expressed concern that a return to military rule could threaten democracy in a country roiled by three years of turbulence.
05 марта 2014
Elections don't always lead to democracy, says Kerry US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke passionately Wednesday about the "incredible yearning for modernity" sweeping across the world, warning that free elections do not necessarily usher in true democracy in many countries.
28 февраля 2014
Embattled Turkey PM faces tough visit to EU Turkey's embattled Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan sought Monday to downplay the risk of a crisis with the European Union as he headed to Brussels facing a row over controversial judical reforms.
22 января 2014

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