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28.09.2016 18:55 Internet
German data protection authorities said they had blocked Facebook from collecting subscriber data from its subsidiary WhatsApp.
09.03.2015 12:17 People
Prosecutor General's Office suggests a database as a solution for adoption related issues and crimes.
29.09.2014 15:04 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan has recently introduced changes to the Criminal Code. In this regard, the state will allocate $13 million for electronic tagging devices for monitoring convicts.
26.04.2014 21:08 Laws, Initiatives
Fewer than 10 countries in the world systematically use an Interpol database to verify whether a passenger is flying with stolen documents, the organization's secretary general said.
08.01.2014 12:33 Laws, Initiatives
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan has developed a draft law to introduce fingerprinting and DNA profiling in Kazakhstan.
27.10.2013 19:21 Internet
Web giant Google and other Internet companies say they oppose creating Brazil-based databases of local customer information.