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28.10.2014 12:17 Crime
Credit-card hacking is the number one crime on Americans' worry list, far above getting mugged or murdered.
18.10.2014 15:18 Fun Stuff
Apparently, even the president of the United States can have trouble with his credit card.
22.01.2014 17:21 Crime
South Korean regulators Wednesday vowed harsh corporate penalties for data theft, as angry customers swamped credit card offices for a third day after 20 million people had their financial information stolen.
06.04.2013 20:10 Finance
A ban on "rip-off" surcharges imposed on credit card spending came into force in Britain on Saturday, meaning traders must ensure that the extra fees reflect genuine processing costs.
30.11.2012 14:55 Crime
Australian police said Thursday they had uncovered the country's biggest ever credit card data theft and smashed a Romanian syndicate allegedly behind the scam.
16.01.2012 13:08 Crime
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry is checking the citizenship of the two aledgely Kazakh citizens arrested in the U.S. for credit card fraud.
16.01.2012 13:04 Crime
Two Kazakhstan citizens were arrested in the U.S. on suspicion of credit card fraud.
30.09.2011 16:36 Finance
The number of bank cards holders in Kazakhstan has reached 8.5 million people this year.
02.09.2011 14:17 Kazakhstan
Most Kazakhstanis (86.4%) believe cashless payments have the future, according to a recent survey carried out by ISAS Agency on behalf of Visa.