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Scarlett Johansson wins French novel lookalike case Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson won damages against a French author whose novel features a character resembling the starlet who is treated as a sex object.
04 июля 2014
Eight Bangladesh Islamists to hang for new year bombing A Bangladeshi court sentenced eight Islamists to death Monday for a 2001 bomb attack that killed 10 people and wounded scores more during the country's main celebrations for the Bengali new year.
23 июня 2014
Christians lose divisive bid to use 'Allah' in Malaysia Malaysia's highest court on Monday dismissed a bid by Christians for the right to use the word "Allah", ending a years-long legal battle that has escalated religious tensions in the Muslim-majority country.
23 июня 2014
Saudi Arabia flag. Photo courtesy of Saudi jails Shiites over flag insult A court in Saudi Arabia sentenced five young Shiites to jail terms ranging from three to six years for insulting the kingdom's flag during protests, an official source said.
23 июня 2014
London jury considers verdicts on Australian star Harris The jury in the trial of Rolf Harris, the Australian entertainer accused of a string of sexual assaults against girls and young women, retired to consider their verdicts.
20 июня 2014
US top court rules 'straw' gun purchases are illegal The US Supreme Court ruled it was illegal to buy a gun on behalf of someone else who did not go through the background check.
17 июня 2014
©Reuters/Mark Makela 'Utterly evil' Australian baby killer gets life An "utterly evil" Australian man who killed a 10-month-old boy by bludgeoning him with a homemade baton during a burglary was Friday jailed for life.
14 июня 2014
Two Politkovskaya murderers sentenced to life imprisonment A Russian court on Monday sentenced two men found guilty of the murder of prominent journalist Anna Politkovskaya to life imprisonment, and handed lengthy prison terms to three others involved in the killing.
10 июня 2014
Nguyen Duc Kien. ©Reuters/Stringer Vietnam banking tycoon given 30-year jail term A Vietnamese court on Monday sentenced a disgraced banking tycoon to 30 years in jail over a multi-million dollar scandal that shocked the nation's already fragile financial markets.
09 июня 2014
©Reuters/Sam Hodgson New York City back to court over limiting soda sizes New York City took its fight to limit the size of sodas and other sweet drinks blamed by some for obesity back to an appeals court Wednesday.
06 июня 2014
Canada's Justice Minister Peter MacKay. ©Reuters/Chris Wattie Canada unveils new prostitution law Canada's attorney general unveiled a law Wednesday that makes it legal to sell sex to individuals but illegal to buy it, after the high court struck down an anti-prostitution law.
05 июня 2014
Suspected Greek far-rightist jailed for stabbing teenager A Greek court on Wednesday sentenced a suspected activist of the far-right Golden Dawn party to 10 years in prison for stabbing a high-school student, judicial officials said.
05 июня 2014
Photo courtesy of Lost in translation: Boston case student did not understand Miranda rights Kazakhstani student Dias Kadrybayev arrested in relation to the Boston bombings declared in court that due to his insufficient knowledge of English he was manipulated into making statements that discredited him and lead to his arrest.
04 июня 2014
30 year sentence for killer of two French women in Argentina A court in Argentina's Salta province Monday sentenced to 30 years in prison the man who raped and killed two young French women tourists out for a hike.
03 июня 2014
Photo courtesy of Three months for Swaziland editor who compared judge to a punk A Swaziland court on Friday sentenced a magazine editor to a suspended three-month term for articles written four years ago comparing the country's chief justice to a high school punk.
01 июня 2014
Jamil Mahuad. Photo courtesy of Ecuador sentences ex-president to 12 years in absentia An Ecuadoran court on Thursday sentenced exiled ex-president Jamil Mahuad to 12 years in jail for corruption.
30 мая 2014
Google opens path in Europe for being 'forgotten' Google began late Thursday letting people in Europe formally request to be "forgotten" by the world's leading Internet search service.
30 мая 2014
©Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch India wins Italy appeal over helicopter deal India on Friday partially won an appeal against an Italian court order rejecting its request to recover bank guarantees over a scrapped helicopter deal at the centre of a bribery scandal.
24 мая 2014
ICC sentences Congolese warlord Katanga to 12 years The International Criminal Court on Friday sentenced Congolese warlord Germain "Simba" Katanga to 12 years in jail for arming an ethnic militia that carried out a "particularly cruel" 2003 village massacre.
23 мая 2014
Khmer Rouge 'First Lady' hospitalised in Thailand: son The former "First Lady" of Cambodia's murderous Khmer Rouge regime has been hospitalised in neighbouring Thailand and is relying on a feeding tube and oxygen to survive, her son said.
23 мая 2014

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