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19.11.2015 20:26 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani Wipon project won the main prize of 25,000 dollars at the biggest tech conference in Central Asia.
03.07.2015 15:40 Politics
According to the head of Kazakhstan's National Security Committee Nurtai Abykayev, excessive attention to the Daish, the Arabic acronym for the so-called Islamic State, pushes homegrown extremists to commit terrorist acts in their home countries.
22.04.2015 19:32 Politics
A scientific-practical conference was held with participation of several prominent figures in Moscow on the topics of Kazakhstan's economic development, its relations with Russia and the Eurasian integration.
20.03.2015 14:30 Science, Technologies
Steve Gundrum was grinning when he climbed out of a Toyota some might call a cross between a zippy scooter and an eco-friendly electric car.
19.03.2015 11:47 Science, Technologies
Bill Gates opened a mock Ebola field hospital at the prestigious TED Conference as part of a call to be battle-ready for a deadly global epidemic.
18.03.2015 14:16 Science, Technologies
A terrifying killer liquid metal robot from a blockbuster "Terminator" science fiction film has inspired what was heralded here as a revolution in 3D printing.
17.03.2015 15:39 Science, Technologies
Brilliant minds wrapped around heady notions ranging from injecting medicine by laser to cherishing life on Earth while seeking a future in the stars as the TED conference began.
25.11.2014 16:16 Industry, Infrastructure
KazMunaiGas, the national oil company of Kazakhstan, presented a new project of enhanced oil recovery at the Annual Caspian Technical Conference and Exhibition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Astana.
18.10.2014 13:51 Health
A major conference aimed at cutting global smoking rates in Moscow found itself grappling with another issue.
30.09.2014 11:59 Laws, Initiatives
Hungary banned a conference of the US-based white supremacist National Policy Institute (NPI) set for this weekend, calling the organisation "racist".
12.09.2014 15:33 Politics
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday was due to host a three-day conference on women in the workforce.
18.07.2014 10:19 Emergencies
As many as 100 of those killed on a Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine were delegates heading to Australia for a global AIDS conference, unconfirmed reports said.
03.07.2014 16:18 Markets
Kazakhstan is going to launch 75 new international air routes by 2020.
23.05.2014 17:53 Politics
Participants of the 4th Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) have adopted a Shanghai declaration.
31.03.2014 11:11 Environment
Soaring carbon emissions will amplify the risk of conflict, hunger, floods and migration this century, the UN's expert panel said Monday in a landmark report on the impact of climate change.
06.03.2014 13:36 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will visit Russia on Vladimir Putin's invitation on March 10-11.
24.02.2014 18:23 Politics
Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro is readying crisis talks to try to defuse a deadly wave of protests that have brought the biggest challenge yet to his government.
17.02.2014 10:57 Unrest
The rebel Free Syrian Army said Sunday it had fired Selim Idriss as its military chief, citing the "difficulties faced by the Syrian revolution" in its battle with the regime.
05.02.2014 10:03 Politics
Syria's opposition leader met Russia's top diplomat on Tuesday in a bid to persuade Moscow to pressure Damascus to agree to a transitional government for the war-scarred nation.
27.11.2013 11:32 Politics
Damascus vowed to keep fighting "terrorism" and the opposition insisted President Bashar al-Assad must go, as both sides dug in Tuesday after a date for long-planned peace talks was set.
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