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24.07.2014 14:31 Politics
Kazakhstan's General Prosecutor's Office has concluded that seizure of land plots for public use in Astana complies with the legislation.
23.06.2014 13:29 Auto
Japan's Honda Motor recalled more than two million vehicles worldwide over an airbag defect that could pose a fire risk.
04.05.2014 11:00 Internet
Saudi citizens can now petition 90-year-old King Abdullah directly and lodge complaints through an Internet site set up at the initiative of the monarch himself.
26.03.2014 20:21 Strange News
Green hot water runs from taps in Astana apartments.
26.02.2014 12:28 Crime
Seven more families from Atyrau have filed complaints against Peter Baruch, accused of corrupting minors in Atyrau and Uralsk.
18.08.2012 12:55 Politics
Spain made a formal complaint to Britain Friday in a simmering dispute over fishing off the territory of Gibraltar.
16.03.2012 12:46 People
UN Human Rights Committee received a complaint of violation of the international covenant on civil and political rights by Kazakhstan authorities.