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19.02.2015 02:55 Politics
Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan Zhambyl Akhmetbekov says that his party supports the idea of holding presidential election in Kazakhstan early.
19.02.2015 02:30 Politics
Communists of Kazakhstan have expressed their support to the idea of holding early presidential election.
07.11.2014 17:18 Politics
The People's Communist Party has tagged the decision to abandon construction of the 4th oil refinery in Kazakhstan ill judged and said problems had to be solved by the government not shifted to the shoulders of the citizens.
18.11.2013 17:25 Crime
Nearly 17,000 people have been punished for flouting the Chinese Communist Party's "frugality" guidelines, state media said Monday, in the latest sign of efforts to clamp down on corruption.
17.11.2013 17:24 Laws, Initiatives
China's Communist Party leaders this week emerged from a closed-door meeting in Beijing bearing a raft of promises on issues from the controversial one-child policy to the scope of the death penalty.
16.11.2013 18:17 People
Unwelcome spectres are coming back to haunt Czech billionaire Andrej Babis, who emerged as a power broker in recent elections but is facing allegations he collaborated with the communist-era secret police.
21.05.2013 10:01 Politics
China's ruling Communist Party should cut its more than 80 million members by nearly half to avoid the bloat that felled the Soviet Union, a political scientist has written in a party magazine.
20.12.2012 12:34 Strange News
China has arrested more than 800 people in a crackdown on a Christian sect which spread doomsday rumours and challenged the ruling Communist party.
28.11.2012 13:13 Politics
Nursultan Nazarbayev sent a congratulatory telegram to Xi Jinping on his election as a new Secretary General of the Central Commission of China's Communist Party.
22.08.2012 11:11 Politics
A new political party was formed for the first time in Turkmenistan since the isolated ex-Soviet state won independence in 1991.