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27.10.2014 13:08 Politics
Estonian Finance Minister Juergen Ligi announced his resignation after he caused a furore with Facebook comments seen as insulting to the education minister.
06.11.2013 21:03 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan wants to start confiscating property of fugitive tycoons without getting a court verdict.
06.11.2013 01:07 Sport
The 'Bad Boy', Gennady Golovkin, WBA world middleweight champion from Kazakhstan, shared the plans for the Curtis fight.
04.11.2013 23:29 Sport
Abel Sanchez, the coach of the World Middleweight Champion Gennedy Golovkin, has shared his opinion on the Golovkin vs Stevens fight.
25.09.2013 15:00 Internet
YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing website, said Tuesday it was revamping its comments feed which some web users claimed had turned into a magnet for crude and vulgar postings.