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Once again a 'bad boy': Golovkin on Steven's fight 06 ноября 2013, 01:07

The 'Bad Boy', Gennady Golovkin, WBA world middleweight champion from Kazakhstan, shared the plans for the Curtis fight.
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Photo a courtesy of allboxing.ru Photo a courtesy of allboxing.ru
The "Bad Boy", Gennady Golovkin, WBA world middleweight champion from Kazakhstan, has shared the plans made before the Curtis fight, Tengrinews reports referring to Boxingscene.com. “My plan was just to box. I know I’m the champion, my speed is better, my power is better. My coach told me to box, not have a crazy fight, a street fight,” said Gennady. Noting the strength of his opponent, Golovkin admitted that after the knockdown in the second round he already knew the outcome of the fight. “After the knockdown, he started stepping back and I knew it was over. I didn’t feel his power. I was able to use my right punches that we worked on in the gym to break him down,” said the Kazakhstan boxer. “I was a little cautious of his strength but I felt comfortable in there and never felt I was in any trouble,” added Gennady. On November 2 the Kazakhstan boxer proved once again his unbeatable status and defended his WBA title by winning Curtis Stevens with a TKO. As Golovkin vs Stevens fight hit top 10 major events in boxing this week, Gennady is ready for more glorious fights to add up to his 28 clear wins out of 28 fights. There are still rumors on Golovkin’s next fight that is to take place in 2014. Some commentators believe that the next Monte Carlo fight will be against either Martin Murray or Garth Wood.

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