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19.08.2013 11:13 Disasters
Clean-up workers Monday started removing a layer of grey ash that spread across a city in southern Japan after a volcano erupted at the weekend, spewing a plume 5,000 metres into the air.
31.01.2013 11:55 Companies
A Dutch court will decide on Wednesday whether Shell should clean up oil damage that destroyed a group of Nigerian farmers' land, a case that could set a precedent for global environmental responsibility.
30.01.2013 18:54 Disasters
A mammoth clean-up operation began in Australia's flood-hit northeast Wednesday after waters began to recede, as the death toll from storms reached five and thousands of homes were left swamped.
23.07.2012 15:04 People
The London Olympics are not big business for everyone -- sex workers say they are being cleared from the streets around the stadium to make the area more presentable for the Games.
25.08.2011 00:20 Kazakhstan
According to him, the clean-up teams working to remove the fallen trees lack tractors and sawmills.
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