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14.05.2015 01:46 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan mulls limiting cash transactions between sole proprietors to 1,000 MCI or 1,982,000 tenge ($10,667).
28.04.2015 13:41 Politics
The US Consulate General in Kazakhstan brushed aside rumors that the cargo delivered from Abu Dhabi to US Embassy in Bishkek was carrying weapons and cash to organize revolutions in Central Asia.
22.04.2015 01:52 Politics
Many believe that the cargo weighing 152 tons that has been received by the US Embassy in Bishkek is more than just construction materials as the Embassy staff claims.
26.05.2014 14:34 Emergencies
Under-pressure South Korean prosecutors on Monday upped to $500,000 a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a fugitive businessman in connection with last month's ferry disaster.
26.04.2014 11:21 Crime
Authorities in China's restive Xinjiang region are offering cash to informants who report on neighbours with excessive facial hair, state media has reported.
06.01.2014 23:11 Politics
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Africa and the Middle East this week, reports said Monday, bearing development cash pledges as Tokyo pushes back against growing Chinese influence in the resource-rich region.
13.12.2013 13:23 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes (the Financial Police) is calling the Government to introduce restrictions for cash withdrawals.
13.12.2013 10:42 Finance
Cash is so cheap these days that investors have been borrowing and ploughing them in assets from artwork to wine to bitcoins, betting that prices would rise.
24.04.2013 18:38 Finance
Kazakhstan financial police is suggesting to legally restrict withdrawal of cash by individuals and legal entities.
29.10.2012 15:48 Laws, Initiatives
Everyone understands that such big amounts of cash are often used for bribes, for dodging taxes and other compulsory payments into the budget: financial police.
15.09.2012 18:17 Strange News
Colombia police said Friday they have arrested two men who had each ingested about $40,000 before trying to enter the country, in what may be a novel form of money laundering.
30.09.2011 16:36 Finance
The number of bank cards holders in Kazakhstan has reached 8.5 million people this year.
02.09.2011 14:17 Kazakhstan
Most Kazakhstanis (86.4%) believe cashless payments have the future, according to a recent survey carried out by ISAS Agency on behalf of Visa.