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US Embassy in Bishkek receives odd cargo ahead of elections in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan 22 апреля 2015, 01:52

Many believe that the cargo weighing 152 tons that has been received by the US Embassy in Bishkek is more than just construction materials as the Embassy staff claims.
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US Embassy in Bishkek ©Megapolis.kz US Embassy in Bishkek ©Megapolis.kz

In Kyrgyzstan, a scandal is raging around the delivery of a strange cargo from Abu Dhabi to the US Embassy in Bishkek, Tengrinews reports citing Megapolis. Several containers weighing a totals of 152 tons are listed as diplomatic mail prohibited to be inspected.

The cargo in question was delivered to Manas airport on March 28 and 30 by an An-124 of Ukrainian Antonov Airlines. Since inspection of any of those containers was prohibited, political experts immediately recalled that similar deliveries were made to the Kiev airport of Borispol in Ukraine in November 2013. Then, the US diplomats received a cargo of cash to support Euromaidan - a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine, which began on the night of 21 November 2013 with public protests in Maidan Nezalezhnosti ("Independence Square") in Kiev, and ultimately led to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. 

The Kyrgyz media began assume that the containers delivered to Manas were filled with dollars, weapons and special equipment for organization of color revolutions in Central Asia. They pointed out that the deliveries were made shortly before the elections in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakshtan.

The flames were fanned by American diplomats, who flatly refused to disclose the contents of the shipment. It was only on April 15, when the scandal was gaining serious proportions, when the representatives of the Embassy report said that those were “materials for the construction of a new building of the US Embassy in Bishkek."

However, this explanation did not satisfy the local experts. Kyrgyz political scientist Toktogul Kakchekeyev said in an interview to Megapolis newspaper: "The building of the US embassy has been constructed recently, and all the equipment was brought there in the very beginning. Also, a significant amount of electronic equipment for tracking and control, suitable for monitoring the countries of Central Asia and the western part of China, was transferred to the Embassy after the closure of Ganci military base at Manas airport."

The political scientist named the delivery from the UAE "bricks of democracy" and "fixtures of freedom." According to him, the containers were most likely filled with a large amount of money in small denominations intended for various NGOs on the eve of the elections in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

"It is not the first year that attempts are being made to extend the life of the amorphous parliamentary state. The infection of parliamentary form of government shall spread to Kazakhstan and all of Central Asia. This is what local liberal-minded leaders need the money for. They will increasingly ingrain these ideas in the minds of our populations, who do not understand that the attractive-destructive system of parliamentary government is alien to the Eurasian mentality. In my opinion, parliament should be an exclusively legislative body and no more!" Kakchekeyev said.

Another Kyrgyz political scientist Igor Shestakov believes that the deliver might contain equipment for intelligence activities in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China.

Russian scientist-orientalist Alexander Knyazev assumed that it might be intelligence equipment or “weapons for terrorist groups supported by the USA.”

“According to the U.S. plans, Kyrgyzstan should become a catalyst of instability for the neighboring countries – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This small country on its own is interesting to few, which is why I suppose that the delivery is not intended directly for Kyrgyzstan but for for the separatist groups acting against PRC from the Kyrgyz territory. The range of options is quite broad,” he said.

But Kazakhstani political analyst Rustam Burnashev is not inclined towards dramatizing the situation like the Kyrgyz experts do. He contends that had the Americans wanted to deliver something very secret to Kyrgyzstan, they would have done it in secretly small batches so that no one even noticed.

By Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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