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Andrew Yeom Soo-Jung. Photo courtesy of South Korean cardinal in first visit to North A South Korean cardinal visited the North on Wednesday in the first trip of its kind, an official said, ahead of a visit by Pope Francis to Seoul that Catholic authorities hope will promote peace between the neighbours.
21 мая 2014
Now the hard work starts for superstar pope Pope Francis celebrates one year in office on Thursday swaddled in a blanket of approval world leaders would die for and most of his predecessors could only dream of.
13 марта 2014
Pope to create 19 new cardinals, many from outside Europe Pope Francis will create his first batch of cardinals on Saturday, with nine of the 19 coming from South America, Africa and Asia.
22 февраля 2014
Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier. Photo courtesy of SAfrican cardinal apologises for remarks on paedophilia A South African cardinal apologised to sex abuse victims on Monday for describing paedophilia as an illness and not a crime in an interview.
19 марта 2013
All eyes on Vatican chimney as world awaits new pope Cardinals prepared for a second day of conclave behind the Vatican's walls to elect a pope on Wednesday, with all eyes on a chimney that will signal when there is a new leader for the world's 1.2 billion Catholics.
13 марта 2013
Breaking the silence -- secrets of the pope elections The conclaves of cardinals which elect a new pope are laden with rituals and shrouded in secrecy, but tantalising details have emerged from previous votes of what really happens behind the sealed doors of the Sistine Chapel.
12 марта 2013
Too easy to put all blame on Church for sex abuse: cardinal Putting the blame for pedophilia on the Roman Catholic Church is a way of avoiding the issue.
11 марта 2013
Vatican readies Sistine Chapel for conclave to elect pope Vatican workers made final preparations in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday after Roman Catholic cardinals voted to begin their conclave to elect a new pope under Michelangelo's famous frescoes next week.
09 марта 2013
Sex abuse victims list 'dirty dozen' papal candidates Clergy sex abuse victims listed a "dirty dozen" potential papal candidates Wednesday and urged the Roman Catholic Church to "get serious" about protecting children, helping victims and exposing corruption.
08 марта 2013
Sex scandal a 'serious blow' to Scottish church: Archbishop The resignation of Britain's top Catholic cleric over claims of sexual misconduct has dealt the Scottish church a "serious blow", his replacement admitted on Monday.
05 марта 2013
British cardinal apologises for sexual conduct Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who resigned last week as Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, on Sunday admitted that his sexual conduct had "fallen below the standards expected of me".
04 марта 2013
Cardinals to begin pre-conclave talks in Vatican Catholic cardinals begin talks on Monday ahead of a conclave to elect the next pope, following Benedict XVI's historic resignation, as a British cardinal not in attendance admitted to sexual misconduct with priests.
04 марта 2013
Cardinals look to conclave as Benedict begins quiet life Cardinals from around the world were summoned Friday to meetings that will set a date for a conclave to elect a new pope, as Benedict XVI settled into a pensioner's life after becoming the first pontiff to resign in more than 700 years.
02 марта 2013
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