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21.11.2013 13:23 Environment
Anger is boiling over near Naples after revelations about toxic mafia dumps blamed for rising cancer rates that have prompted accusations the state is ignoring a vast public health crisis.
14.10.2013 13:09 Health
Cancer cost the then 27 countries of the European Union 126 billion euros ($170.1 billion) in 2009.
06.09.2013 11:47 Health
A new software tool may help doctors eliminate mistakes when judging whether a spot that turns up on a smoker's lung scan is cancerous or not.
29.08.2013 16:57 Health
Young women who drink alcohol every day may be raising significantly their risk of breast cancer.
08.08.2013 18:15 Health
A plant extract used in Chinese herbal remedies for arthritis, gout and inflammation has been directly linked to cancer and causes a surprising number of genetic mutations.
07.08.2013 14:33 Cinema, Music
US actor Dustin Hoffman has undergone successful treatment for cancer.
06.08.2013 18:22 Health
Postmenopausal women who take certain blood pressure medications for 10 years or more face twice the risk of developing breast cancer..
29.07.2013 16:38 Science, Technologies
Doctor of Chemistry Diyas Myrzakozha from Almaty has developed a principally new method of highly accurate early diagnostics of cancer.
19.07.2013 10:01 Health
A new kind of surgical knife can tell cancerous from healthy tissue in seconds and may help improve tumor removal in the operating room.
12.07.2013 11:12 Health
US scientists said they have confirmed a surprising 2011 study that found a higher risk of prostate cancer among men who consume omega-3 fatty acids.
10.07.2013 18:44 Health
Long-term exposure to particulate air pollution boosts the risk of lung cancer, even at concentrations below the legal maximum.
12.06.2013 16:56 Health
Patients who successfully battled cancer during childhood face an extraordinarily high rate of chronic illness during their grown-up years.
08.06.2013 10:45 Health
The Chinese are increasingly facing diseases of affluence such as cancer, according to a study to be published Saturday in a leading medical journal, with threats to health including diet, pollution and city living.
04.06.2013 12:50 Cinema, Music
A spokesman for Michael Douglas denied Monday that the veteran Hollywood actor had blamed his throat cancer on oral sex.
04.06.2013 10:22 Cinema, Music
Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie said Sunday she had been "moved" by public support after she revealed she had had a double mastectomy to reduce her high risk of breast cancer.
03.06.2013 17:20 Health
A simple vinegar test cut cervical cancer rates among Indian women by nearly a third and could prevent 73,000 deaths worldwide each year.
03.06.2013 12:53 Cinema, Music
Veteran Hollywood star Michael Douglas blamed the cancerous tumour which developed in his throat three years ago on his sex life.
01.06.2013 14:32 Health
Cancer researchers warned Friday that federal budget cuts enacted by the US Congress could block key advances in the fight against deadly disease.
13.05.2013 11:53 Health
Separate studies of the human genome have found tantalising clues to the inherited causes of testicular cancer and non-inherited causes of congenital heart disease.
03.05.2013 18:00 Health
Some of the most devastating forms of cancer have genetic similarities even though they strike different body parts.
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