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25.03.2016 15:24 Science, Technologies
An estimated seven million drones will fly in US skies by 2020, nearly tripling the number in circulation by the end of the year.
02.12.2014 12:32 Politics
President Barack Obama will seek to release funds aimed at equipping more US police officers with body cameras.
09.10.2014 17:29 Gadgets
Taiwan-based HTC unveiled its newest smartphone with high-resolution cameras on both sides to appeal to people who take "selfie" pictures.
21.05.2014 10:13 Internet
The company behind GoPro cameras used to capture sports action from players' perspectives filed on Monday to raise $100 million in a public stock offering.
01.02.2013 16:14 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed to prepare Astana for hosting EXPO-2017.
18.09.2012 11:22 Religion
The purpose of the cameras is to ensure security of Kazakhstan citizens and protect their belongings.
27.06.2012 18:31 Industry, Infrastructure
The number of road police patrols will be decreased; they will be replaced with road surveillance cameras, Akim (Mayor) of Almaty city Akhmetzhan Yessimov says.
04.05.2012 16:31 Finance
Video cameras installed at road posts in Kazakhstan are generating good revenues for the country.
08.02.2012 17:52 Religion
Video surveillance cameras will be installed in all Almaty mosques for security reasons.
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