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30.09.2013 14:19 Entertainment, Style
With melons that sell for the price of a new car and grapes that go for more than $100 a pop, Japan is a country where perfectly-formed fruit can fetch a fortune.
23.09.2013 19:08 Industry, Infrastructure
There are opportunities for many businesses along this road: Nazarbayev.
06.09.2013 00:50 Markets
Astana has 158 thousand entrepreneurs.
04.09.2013 18:51 Strange News
An businessman from Akmola oblast Sergei Bukushev is going to set up a hedgehog farm near Astana city.
26.08.2013 12:30 People
'Drinking buddy is a new paid service in Astana offered by a 42-y.o. man.
21.08.2013 17:38 Markets
After decades of hollowing out, US manufacturing is overtaking competitors and stands to grab up to $115 billion more in export business from rivals by 2020.
07.08.2013 18:30 Companies
Hundreds of S. Korean businessmen rallied Wednesday near the border with N. Korea, urging the swift resumption of operations at their abandoned plants in a shuttered inter-Korean industrial zone.
20.07.2013 14:34 Industry, Infrastructure
Success stories can be rare in Pakistan, but business is booming in one Kashmir tourist spot as the region rebuilds after a devastating earthquake and shrugs off associations with violence.
21.06.2013 14:15 Crime
A chartered private jet is ready to bring US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden to Iceland from Hong Kong.
17.06.2013 19:48 Politics
Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan Business Forum will be held on June 19 in Aktau.
21.05.2013 16:37 Markets
Manufacturers of business jets can look forward to climbing sales in the years to come thanks to emerging markets as they gather in Switzerland for an annual air show, having survived the turbulence of the global financial crisis.
03.05.2013 14:40 People
Billionaires Patokh Chodiev, Alijan Ibragimov and Aleksander Mashkevich commented rumors about their intention to sale their business and leave of Kazakhstan.
30.04.2013 14:02 Industry, Infrastructure
North Korea has ignored a plea by South Korean businessmen to visit a joint industrial zone on Tuesday for talks on its future, amid fears of a permanent closure.
25.04.2013 13:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Former model-turned-business mogul Cozete Gomes owns eight companies and does not really have time to be stuck in Sao Paulo's epic traffic jams.
11.04.2013 10:50 Industry, Infrastructure
The impeccably-dressed South Korean flipped a tyre sideways, and with a deft sweep snapped a curious, pastel-shaded device onto the hub.
25.03.2013 17:13 Markets
Almaty is number one in the list of the cities with most expensive elite offices.
25.03.2013 16:52 Companies
Dutch post and courier company TNT Express said Monday it would shed around 4,000 jobs over the next three years as it restructures after US rival UPS' takeover bid failed in January.
16.03.2013 16:34 Markets
The Philippines was set to open a $1.2 billion giant casino on Saturday in a high-stakes bid to join the world's elite gaming destinations.
12.03.2013 15:56 Politics
A delegation of major Afghanistan entrepreneurs will come to Astana on March 14, 2013 for the first time.
11.03.2013 16:21 Politics
Kazakhstan-Finnish business forum will be held in Helsinki.
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