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13.06.2016 16:17 Crime
Kazakhstan sentenced a former minister to 14 years in prison for embezzling millions while heading Kazakhstan's preparations for EXPO-2017.
18.04.2016 14:35 Laws, Initiatives
Corruption cases involving three million yuan ($463,000) or more may incur the death penalty in future.
18.04.2015 17:02 Crime
Ex-deputy Governor, advisor to the Governor and several businessmen were found guilty in a corruption scandal that rocked Kazakhstan.
17.09.2014 20:12 Politics
A third of the surveyed Kazakhstanis do no believe in the effectiveness of combating corruption in Kazakhstan.
29.08.2014 18:32 Laws, Initiatives
The new Kazakhstan Criminal Code that will enter into force next year introduces a tougher punishment for bribes.
11.07.2014 12:10 Crime
Argentina's Vice President Amado Boudou filed an appeal against charges of corruption allegedly carried out during his time as finance minister from 2009 to 2011.
05.06.2014 12:13 Laws, Initiatives
Bribe is the only way to obtain a public service in Kazakhstan, MP Tursunbek Omurzakov said quoting Transparency International.
24.05.2014 14:46 Crime
An Iranian businessman convicted of masterminding a $2.6 billion banking scam, the biggest fraud case in the country's history, was hanged on Saturday, state media reported.
24.05.2014 11:25 Crime
India on Friday partially won an appeal against an Italian court order rejecting its request to recover bank guarantees over a scrapped helicopter deal at the centre of a bribery scandal.
23.05.2014 12:56 Crime
Former Guatemalan president Alfonso Portillo was sentenced in New York to five years and 10 months in prison Thursday for a $2.5 million bribery scandal.
13.05.2014 14:28 Politics
A Tel Aviv court on Tuesday sentenced Israeli ex-premier Ehud Olmert to six years in prison for accepting bribes linked to a major property development in Jerusalem, media reports said.
24.04.2014 14:39 Laws, Initiatives
Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone went on trial in Germany Thursday accused of bribery in a case which threatens a jail term for the Briton who has controlled the motor sport for four decades.
22.04.2014 13:00 Auto
Formula One magnate Bernie Ecclestone faces bribery charges when his trial begins in Munich on Thursday in a case which threatens to end his reign.
18.04.2014 13:10 Crime
A fourth US Navy officer has been charged with leaking information to a foreign defense contractor in exchange for cash and other gifts in a widening bribery scandal, officials said Thursday.
02.04.2014 10:45 Politics
The appearance of rambling letters said to have been written by Uzbekistan's once all-powerful first daughter Gulnara Karimova has heightened the mystery over her astonishing fall from grace in the ex-Soviet state.
01.04.2014 10:19 Politics
A top Chinese military officer has been formally charged with corruption after he was exposed as owning dozens of homes, gold statues and luxury liquor, state media reported Tuesday.
29.03.2014 10:45 Crime
Two British nationals were among 14 people arrested on suspicion of attempted bribery in connection with an alleged plot to steal oil from a pipeline, Nigeria said.
23.12.2013 19:01 Crime
The intermediary who gave the bribe to Muslim Umiryayev, Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, has millions of US dollars in his bank accounts.
23.12.2013 16:02 Crime
Muslim Umiryayev, Kazakhstan's Vice-Minister of Agriculture, has been arrested on bribery charges.
09.07.2013 12:01 Crime
China's former railways minister Liu Zhijun was given a suspended death sentence Monday for "especially huge" bribery.
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