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Intermediary of Vice-Minister bribe case has millions of dollars in his bank accounts 23 декабря 2013, 19:01

The intermediary who gave the bribe to Muslim Umiryayev, Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, has millions of US dollars in his bank accounts.
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Muslim Umiryayev. Photo courtesy of  PrimeMinister.kz Muslim Umiryayev. Photo courtesy of PrimeMinister.kz
The intermediary, who passed the bribe to Muslim Umiryayev, Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan, has millions of US dollars in his bank accounts, KazTAG reports citing an informed source in the General Prosecutor's Office. "During the investigation the Agency for Fighting Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police) found out that some of the top-ranking officials of the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan were involved in some wrongdoing," the source said. "The government official was 'holding' tenders through several intermediaries. This is how the financial police found out about the intermediary, let's name him Mr. A, who has been 'arranging' the government procurement tenders in the Agriculture Ministry for a while already. Mr. A discussed his business on the phone and in text messages using code words. The police found out the meaning of the codes. The Vice-Minister was arrested on Saturday, December 21, after a company paid for a tender and was subsequently awarded the contract. And a little later the intermediary was arrested as well," the source said. According to the source in the General Prosecutor's Office, a criminal case was initiated against the intermediary over the bribery. More over he turned out to be a close relative of a top-ranking diplomat's wife. The intermediary led a luxury lifestyle and had a big private residence and five-room apartment in the prestigious residential building in Samal microdistrict of Almaty city. "Intermediary Mr. A didn’t failed to destroy the documents related to his previous deals before he was arrested. Besides the documents the police get his iPad and mobile phones contained the conversation with orders to foreign banks to transferring significant amounts of money to the accounts of different people and companies. The the transfers range from $100 thousand to millions of US dollars," the source added. When asked if there was as possibility that the diplomat was set up by somebody, he answered that "to catch the people of such as scare the Financial Police has to gather enough proof, and according to my knowledge they have more then enough evidences in this case". Muslim Umiryayev, Kazakhstan's Vice-Minister of Agriculture, was arrested on bribery charges. "The Vice-Minister was arrested for receiving a $100 thousand bribe to help a company win a government procurement tender," the source in General Prosecutor’s Office said earlier. Before his appointment as Vice-Minister of Agriculture in September 2011 Muslim Umiryayev, 39, used to be General Director of Russikie Fermy (Russian Farms) International Fund, Financial Director of Yuzhniy Tsentr (South Center) in Almaty, Director of the Board of Administrative Instructions of the Presidential Administration of Kazakhstan and the Government and deputy head of the Department of Presidential Affairs.

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