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Photo courtesy of Criminal case to be opened in Kazakhstan against Kazakh tourists detained in Uzbekistan The tourists are charged with deliberately crossing the national border as part of an organized group: Ms. Larissa Dmitryuk, spokesperson of the Border Control Service of the Committee for National Security.
03 августа 2011
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have talks over shared national border Kazakhstan hasn’t received any answer to the diplomatic note sent to Uzbekistan in which Kazakhstan asked for reasons why Kazakhstan’s tourists were detained in Uzbekistan for over a fortnight without due notification of the Kazakh side: Foreign Ministry spokesman.
01 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Criminal case against Kazakhstan’s tourists detained in Uzbekistan closed The tourists were released without any red tape hurdles: Kazakhstan’s consul in Uzbekistan Babur Daurenbek.
01 августа 2011
©REUTERS Four adult Kazakhstan tourists detained in Uzbekistan for half a month are back home The Kazakh side reminded that in accordance with the Vienna convention in case of foreign citizens detained abroad, a respective notification should have been sent to the country of their origin.
01 августа 2011
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry. © Vladimir Dmitriyev. Nine teenage members of Kazakhstan’s tourist team detained in Uzbekistan are back home Three adult team members are charged with illegally crossing the Uzbek border and bringing in firearms to Uzbekistan.
31 июля 2011
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry. ©Vladimir Dmitriyev Kazakhstan demands Uzbekistan explain reasons why Kazakhstan tourists are under custody since July 14 The group of Kazakhstan’s tourists comprises 9 teens and 3 adults. The teens have been placed in a detention facility for minors. The Uzbek authorities refuse to let the teens go until the parents pay a penalty of $550.
29 июля 2011
Kazakhstan PM Karim Massimov and Russia's PM Vladimir Putin. ©RIA Novosti Massimov and Putin discussed removal of customs borders Kazakhstan Prime-Minister tweeted about a telephone talk with his Russian counterpart Vladimit Putin.
01 июля 2011
©RIA Novosti Cars destined for Kazakhstan stuck at the borders of Latvia and China Situation at Baltic and Chinese customs points is critical because cars destined for import to Kazakhstan are piling up.
01 июня 2011
First stage of construction of Khorgos at Kazakhstan-Chinese border to be completed by July 1 The first stage of construction of Khorgos International Center of Transborder Cooperation at Kazakhstan-Chinese border will be completed by July 1.
24 мая 2011
RIA Novosti© Kazakhstan and Russia to jointly use Bugristoye customs facility Bugrinskoye vehicle crossing point located in Chelyabinsk oblast may be used for joint control by Kazakhstan and Russian border guards.
11 мая 2011

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