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Cars destined for Kazakhstan stuck at the borders of Latvia and China 01 июня 2011, 19:28

Situation at Baltic and Chinese customs points is critical because cars destined for import to Kazakhstan are piling up.
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The situation at Baltic and Chinese customs points is critical because of excessive numbers of cars destined for import to Kazakhstan. Buyers are unable to get their cars through the customs at old customs tax rates, Tengrinews.kz reports citing head of Kazakhstan Independent Drivers Union Eduard Edokov. “I am afraid that the situation will advance to a new critical level. Customs clearance at discounted customs rates will finish on July 1, but the cars have been queueing up at the border for two months already,” he said. As per Edokov, the discounted customs clearance rates and the understanding that the rates are not going to stay low forever triggered Kazakhstan citizens into buy lots of cars. This caused bottlenecks at the customs clearance points. “Baltic and Chinese ports are overloaded. Containers are stuck and are waiting to be shipped off for months. Improvement of the situation is hardly possible,” he said. Edokov said that this problem may only be resolved by the government. If Kazakhstan customs authorities would agree to clear the cars that were purchased at least before May 1 at old discounted customs rates" this would help solve the problem. “The cars are stuck and now people will lose big money. There is a big difference between paying three thousand dollars and twenty thousand dollars.” The head of the driver's union said that these days Kazakhstan car owners fly to the Baltic ports, unload their cars, hire car haulers and try to get their cars to Kazakhstan. “Long-sited people stopped ordering cars in February knowing that delivery takes two months. Besides there are queues in the sea ports because flows are divided into three categories: normal, for well connected customers and for super-well connected customers. Money have to come in to move to a higher-speed category. People are getting very nervous.” Kazakhstan government is not planning to prolong discounted customs tax rates on import of used cars for individuals. Discount customs duties on import of used cars from countries that are not members of the CU (Customs Union) have been in effect since July 1, 2010. The discount ends on July 1, 2011.

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